Limitless Encounters Vol. 2
Limitless Encounters Vol. 2

This project has already launched.

Our fourth Kickstarter project, Limitless Encounters vol. 2, contains: 

  • 100 new DnD 5e encounters
  • Ten distinct environments.
  • Over 20 new monsters
  • Pre-rolled treasure to reduce DM prep time 
  •  300 Further Adventure™ hooks to aid in writing follow-up quests 
  • Available in Full-color PDF or as a softcover print book.

This book picks up where our first left off, with one large difference: our first book was a collection of published modules, while vol. 2 consists of 100 entirely new, never before seen encounters.

Use these encounters to plot an adventure or campaign, as random encounters, or to stock a sandbox-style map. Be prepared for any situation you find yourself, because players are unpredictable.

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