Lighty - World's First Portable Movie Robot
Lighty - World's First Portable Movie Robot


Lighty is the device that's about to revolutionize the way you watch movies, TV or play games, because it's been designed from the ground up to replace your TV and to be mobile at the same time.

With Lighty, you don't need a laptop, HDMI cable, speakers or a power source to enjoy a huge wall-sized movie or presentation. You don't even need a remote control - Lighty listens and responds to voice commands.

And you don't even need to be at home - Lighty can be carried anywhere.





Ever since I finished the prototype, Lighty has been working around the clock, performing various tasks, like: 


Internet radio


Apps like TuneIn  or Pandora unleash the beauty of online radio, as you can listen to stations from all around the world, in your kitchen, or on the deck, anywhere. You just need to have a WiFi connection. If you want 3G, we can do it, but please shout first.


TV or Movie watching

You can watch movies on the ceiling or on any surface you can think of. From now on, you won't be adjusting your position to suit the image, but vice-versa.




Lighty can play video through the projector for 5 continuous hours on battery, or internet radio for about 10 hours. If plugged into its 2 amp power supply (micro USB connection), you can just set it and forget it - the LED lamp is guaranteed for over 10,000 hours.


Lighty fits perfectly in any office - you can do business presentations on any wall, anywhere, without setting up laptops or projectors and power cables throughout the room. You will be able to pause the projection when doing behind-the-scenes work by just putting your hand in front of the projector, and resuming it the same way.

Family entertainment

...and more.

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