Lightspeed BioTechnologies - eHarvest
Lightspeed BioTechnologies - eHarvest

This project has already launched.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will get a fleet of fishing ships and deplete the ocean. Teach him agriculture and he will cut down forest and clear land to grow crops, taint the water ways with fertilizer run-off and deplete the top soil.    

See people starving and donate money, which ends up in administration costs. It sits in warehouses where starving people are convinced to vote for horrible dictators in exchange for food. Or it will end up partially in bribes to prop up terrible governments. Or massive commercial agriculture that depletes water supplies.  

So what is the solution?  

Farming that does not impact the environment. Farming that produces its own water and in doing so produces clean renewable power far more than is needed for the farming. A process which converts turbid, polluted or even salt water into energy and pure water. A square yard or metre of land requires 42 litres of water every 30 days. A closed loop farming system requires 100 litres of water to propagate an acre of crops from seed to harvest.  

At Lightspeed Bio-Technologies, we have come up with a climate controlled farming method that can grow up to an acre of crops in 400 square feet, or 134 square meters.  

We have developed an algorithm which brings on the Emmerson effect in plants. We can bring plants from seed to harvest in 25% less time with greater crop production with zero impact on the land and no run-off of fertilizer. It produces its own power, water and even recycles its own waste to create a fertilizer.  

It is a smart system that can be monitored by tablet or smart-phone.

The farm we have developed is strong enough to be able to withstand a hurricane, but light enough to be mobile. It could be preloaded for disaster relief, so by the time first responders are running out of emergency food stocks fresh crops could be delivered from farm units on site.  

It has an internal environment that has air so pure, it would be good enough for a class 1000 clean room. It is sealed so no need for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. It can be maintained in the hottest and coldest climates at a steady temperature required for optimum growing conditions. The structure could also be used as very mobile field hospitals, disease containment, or mobile labs. Light weight and modular it could fulfil multiple civilian and military applications.  

There are commercial applications for restaurants, hotels and resorts, where food waste could be almost eliminated. Large hyper markets could have them on the roof and have fresh produce year round, so fresh the journey it takes is only walking.  

The Co2 savings from that alone make it environmentally friendly, now imagine everyone producing far more power than they require. All the energy they use is carbon being absorbed by the plants grown. Every single farming unit is now a carbon sink, taking tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year.  

Well imagine no more. It is now a reality.  

Our mission is to end world hunger, and with it, world poverty. 

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