Lightors Battery : The World's First Rechargeable Battery with Lightning USB Cable
Lightors Battery : The World's First Rechargeable Battery with Lightning USB Cable





The convenience of USB chargeable batteries has reached a new pinnacle with LIGHTORS batteries. Capable of being charged 1000 times and rechargeable through micro USB or lightning cable, LIGHTORS is the only battery you need.  

Eco-Friendly, affordable and used just like a standard battery LIGHTORS is the new standard for battery innovation.


Posted above is our current domestic patent and our international patent is currently pending. (PCT/KR2014/011245)








LIGHTORS Battery is our second generation line of rechargeable batteries. LIGHTORS Batteries are unique in that the charging port is located right on the body of the battery. No need to go through the hassle of carrying companion accessories such as a charging dock.

Using LIGHTORS Batteries prevents battery waste while also saving you the hassle of going out to buy new batteries.















 Introducing a brand new line of LIGHTORS Batteries! The first line of LIGHTORS Batteries (previously named “Monster Battery”) were only offered in two battery sizes (AA & AAA). In addition, it was only possible to charge through micro USB. 

The second generation of LIGHTORS Batteries a diverse line-up of battery sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V & 4FM. In addition, a new line of AA and AAA batteries can now be charged through the Apple lightning cable.


LIGHTORS batteries can be charged over 1000 times. In addition, the size of LIGHTORS Battery is exactly the same as standard batteries. Therefore, they can be plugged in to power any device that requires regular batteries.







With the capability of being recharged 1000 times, one LIGHTORS Battery replaces both the cost and the waste created by 1000 batteries! If one battery costs $1, then LIGHTORS Battery has charges equivalent to $1000 worth of batteries. Unlike standard batteries, no need to wonder how much battery life is remaining. With LIGHTORS, you can check whether it is fully charged through the light on its base.

LIGHTORS Battery is both Cost-Effective & Convenient!





The Environmental News Network reports that annual global consumption of batteries is at a staggering 10 billion (the US makes up 3 million alone). Of the total number of batteries consumed, approximately only 2% get properly disposed of for recycling while the remaining 9.8 billion are simply thrown out creating a risk to the environment. Containing cadmium, lead, mercury, copper, zinc, manganese, lithium & potassium, all of these chemicals are hazardous to the environment.

Lightors is an eco-friendly and innovative product that protects the planet by reducing discarded battery waste by 1/1000 (Annual battery consumption can be reduced from 10 billion to 10 million!).









Lightors is a young company that contributes to the development and distribution of advanced eco-friendly products adding innovative new products to your daily life tomake a difference in the world.

The origin of our brand name means “people that make light”.

Light makes for a better society, meaning brightening and making positive changes, and it’s important to focus on creating valuable work that brings light to this world.


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