Life Balance Wheel
Life Balance Wheel

This project has already launched.

There are so many things that are interesting for us, but so often we can’t find time for them. With Life Balance Wheel app you will focus on what is really important for you, balance different spheres of life, and keep a better lifestyle.

Life Balance Wheel was created on the basis of Life Balance Wheel Methodology. It enables users to visualize current time spending, the desired one, make a plan of actions, and see progress on the way towards balance. 

Life Balance Wheel allows you to:

1. Receive visual representation of your current time spending - See, which spheres need your special attention and define the desired balance.

2. Manage time spending - Choose actions to perform and decide how many times to do them. If you’re busy and can’t use the app for some time - Life Balance Wheel will help you easily come back to your goals.

3. Be motivated - Life Balance Wheel will allow you to see your results and progress and get satisfaction by achieving balance in life.

4. Find time on things that matter - Choose the most important things in life (personal growth, career, rest, family etc.), make a plan of actions and follow it. 

5. Change life for the better - Life Balance Wheel will help you achieve harmony in life, improve lifestyle and raise productivity.

Life Balance Wheel will become your magic wand, pocket diary which will show your results and progress, help improve productivity, and create work-life balance. So, focus on what is really important for you, achieve your goals, and live a happy life with Life Balance Wheel!

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