LiberateOS: Lets create the next mobile OS together!
LiberateOS: Lets create the next mobile OS together!

LiberateOS is a open source project with the goal to replace the Java components of Android with components running on C#/Mono. The project uses the work of Xamarin and their research and development project XobotOS as a starting point.

Developing this idea into a fully functional mobile platform will take multiple years. In order to do so the project has been split into three phases:

  1. Research: Figure out how to convert the Java components to C# using the tools developed as part of the XobotOS project and get Android Open Source 4.x converted and running on a supported phone.
  2. Development: Using the process from phase 1 convert all Android Open Source releases up to the latest one to provide full API compatability.
  3. Commercialization: Enhance the open source project so that it can be used for commercial products including an App Store and an SDK that allows for easy migration of Android Apps

Where we stand

Besides my regular day job I started work on getting the old XobotOS project built and running. I was successful in doing so and documented the steps and changes in our Wiki and on our GitHub.

XobotOS being from 2012 made it a challenge to get a proper build environment going and it still dues not run perfectly. As soon as I click an entry on the sample list view the application crashes. Till now I did not have the time to investigate further.

Nevertheless this was good practice in getting to understand XobotOS. Despite Xamarin publishing benchmark results on Phones, the project that is available via GitHub is not a full Android, it is to provide a proof of concept only.


More information about LiberateOS can be found at Don't forget to sign up above to get a early invite once our campaign goes live on Kickstarter!

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