LEVITAT The Revolutionary Aerial Mat
LEVITAT The Revolutionary Aerial Mat

Unplug. Find yourself. Jump. Lie down. Stare at the stars. Challenge yourself.

Levitat is all about this. We are tired of routine, of screens and nonsense chats. We all need something more substantial in our lives and that is exactly what we offer: a significant experience.

Have you ever dreamt of a mat that in one moment could be a tool for strengthening your body and the next for relaxing amongst the trees?  It’s time to levitate your life. We are offering you a dynamic new way to experience and connect with the world around you. 

Levitat puts you instantly in another dimension, changing your perception of your environment. Feel like you’re flying on the aerial mat and create out of this world experiences everywhere you go. We take you to a new level, mind and body. Levitat is here to empower you to live. Have fun. be free. Is it not what life is about?

Taking Levitat with you is easy and comfortable. With our compact backpack the aerial mat is lighter and smaller than two water bottles.

Spend less than three minutes creating your own personal oasis! The aerial mat can be set up anywhere and everywhere, indoor or outdoor.

All you need is three points (trees, poles, or columns) and you will be able to mount the aerial mat. No need for the points to be equal distance apart, adjust the tension and height and you’re ready to go!

Levitat challenges you physically and mentally, but it’s not only for training. Check out all the versatile ways you can enjoy our aerial mat.

Yoga: Designed for all types of yoga practices to enhance your awareness

Cross-training: Improve your core strength and balance.

Play: Adored by children of all ages.

Trekking: Take a break and relax with the best views

Chill: Disconnect from everything and enjoy the moment.

Meditation: Take your mindfulness to a higher level with absolute peace and comfort.

Much more: Whatever your imagination comes up! Only you set the limits!


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