Letter for Mummy
Letter for Mummy

This project has already launched.

“Letter for Mummy” is a film that tells the story of a lady who was diabetic and later had a lower limb amputation due to infection.

She had to cope with life on the wheel chair. How her life after the amputation had changes his son view of life. As a mother, how she struggled to maintain her dignity for her family and how hard she had to cope with it although she was on wheel chair and had other health issues.

She struggled to the end and passed away on her bed after cooking the last dinner for her family.

Singapore was rank number 12 in Asia by International Diabetes Federation during 2015. It is a chronic illness that everybody may get, the only way to prevent it is a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

Diabetes is a complicated illness that contains other health elements like; cardio vascular disease, hypertension, kidney failure, stroke, limb amputation and the list go on.

It is important to bring awareness to everyone about the disease and educate them the seriousness of diabetes. 

Mdm. Tan was diabetic since at the age of 40 because of her hectic life at work and the need to contribute to the family she had neglected her illness. She had a toe infection that lead to lower limb amputation at the age of 59.

Bai is Mdm Tan youngest son. He smokes a lot and he is an alcoholic. After some set back in life, he had depression. Mdm Tan was a strict lady who wants her son to be successful in life. She cares and concern Bai a lot but she never show it to him. A mother always hurt a lot when she sees her son suffer.

Bai had depression and cannot sustain a job for long, he had to fund his bad habit and he will look for his mother for money to buy cigarette and alcohol, although Mdm Tan will nagged at him but will always give in.

Life changed after her amputation, they moved in to Bai’s brother house. Bai’s brother, Heng is Mdm Tan elder son, he is married with 2 children. Mdm. Tan was a strong lady, after her amputation and although she was wheel chair bound, she still took care of her grand children and cook for them. Bai move in to his brother’s house with his mother so he can take care of her. Inside Bai heart, he loves his mother a lot and was worried that her mother will not be able to cope with her life after the amputation. He just want to be by her side. Although Mdm. Tan was wheel chair bound and not working, she still gave money to Bai for his bad habits.

Things changed when Bai’s brother and family got sick at Bai of his bad habits, his night life style and for not working.

Bai was worry of her mother because she had a few hypoglycemia (Low blood glucose) episodes and no one actually notice it and hypoglycemia is life threatening.

How Mdm. Tan cope with the change of her life?

How the family cope with Mdm. Tan after her amputation?

Will Bai be successful and will he quit his bad habits and how Mdm. Tan change the life of Bai to be a better and successful person in future.

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