Lets Share Now - Peer to Peer Rental Service
Lets Share Now - Peer to Peer Rental Service

What is Lets Share Now?

Lets Share Now is a peer to peer rental marketplace. The marketplace has been set up and is about to be launched as a kickstarter project and has already been launched as a business.

The marketplace allows for users to sign up and place items to rent out, or to rent from other users. 

Items being placed on the site can be submitted to a range of categories including:

Home, Garden, Electronics, Entertainment and Leisure, Tools, Baby Items, Fashion, Wedding, Travel, House & Space, Cars and Automotive, Pets and Miscellaneous.

Each category is subdivided, therefore allowing a vast range of rentals to be considered. 

Searches can easily be made of the items in stock and then refined through the location and price. 

Who Can Use It?

The site will be open to all to use and will eventually look to expand to different countries around the world. 

How Much Will it Cost?

The site will be free to join. Users will be able to rent out any number of items that they wish to. Payments can be made through debit / credit cards or through PayPal. Those that are renting will pay a deposit upon rental / pickup to ensure all items are returned in the condition in which they were borrowed. A small transaction fee will be paid to LetsShareNow for every item that is rented.

What Rewards Will There Be for Pledges?

At present the rewards are being finalised.


What  Are The Next Steps for the Business?

There are three main aims currently for the business.

1) Build up a user base. This will be focussed through the development of advertising in particular regions, with the aim of developing a national presence in a range of countries.

2) Develop an App specifically for the Lets Share Now. A basic app is about to be launched on the playstore (within 5 days) and this will be refined further.

3) Finalise a kickstarter campaign to generate funds for the development of advertising for the business.

 Help Spread The Word

The site is up and running. Lets Share Now by click on the link and joining. The more that join the bigger the site will be. Help us by sharing on facebook and twitter as well.



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