Let's get 100 000 followers on Instagram and build our e-shop
Let's get 100 000 followers on Instagram and build our e-shop

This project has already launched.



Get inspired by our adventures and discover amazing new places with Little Miss Wu Wu. She travels the world to embrace it's beauty, colours and positive vibes. You can follow her traveling from London to Miami, Paris to Capri and of course New York! Her memories and adventures are her biggest treasures, so lets pack and go on our next big adventure together! She is inspired by nature, you can find her drifting away while watching incredible sunsets. Every now and then she will be posting pictures from 'yummy' places too. She is a real foodie! So, why don't you share your journey with us. Simply take a picture with our cards and take us to your favourite places by using our #littlemisswuwugoesto hashtag. Voila! Bon voyage!


Little Miss Wu Wu is a panda of purpose - my university "tell-a-story" project inspired me to create a curious princess character on a journey to discover the world and find new friends.

I started sharing Little Miss Wu Wu's life with the world through a series of illustrations and inspiring images of her adventures. My colleagues and friends were charmed by my imaginary character, which encouraged me to print the first card for a friend's birthday. And voila, Little Miss Wu Wu was born along with the m.a.n.y. cards venture.

At Many Cards Ltd we believe in making the world a more positive place to live in and we feel there is no better way of doing that than inspiring people to smile more and to look after the environment at the same time. Striving to preserve the planet, all of our products are produced on paper from sustainably managed PEFC and FSC certified forests.

I hope my cards bring smiles and loads of joy to your faces, which is our mission at the Smile Factory!

Little Miss WuWu

Risks and challenges

There really are no risks! Our e-shop is set up and ready to go, our Instagram community is getting bigger every day without any promotions so far! We just need this extra push so we can spread the word and bring more smiles around! Thank you for supporting us!

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