Let's Bring a Comiket Experience to the West with Moekuri!
Let's Bring a Comiket Experience to the West with Moekuri!

This project has already launched.

The goal of this crowdfunding project is to bring a real life indie-game/doujin experience from Japan to the Western audience! At independent events such as Comiket, small game creators get to put out fanbooks, posters, and hard copies of their games - and we want to share that genuine experience with the localization of this title, Moékuri

The pledged will bring all facets of this adorable and tactical strategic role-playing game and the related materials to production all over the world! Mokyuusoft, the developers, and Culture Select, the publishers, can't do all of these things themselves, and this Kickstarter is an offer to supporters to bring this experience to life in the West, just as it is in Japan - with a full localization, translated art and fan book, arranged music, and hard copies of the game! 

Let's take a look at Moékuri (abbreviated Japanese for cute creatures!), the story, characters, and the team looking for your support!

Words from the team leaders!

Mocchi: "I have packed Moékuri full of things I've grown to love. The super-powered combat of series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the fun of choosing your favorites to play from a huge selection like in Pokémon...

...and of course, Moé. 

Super-powered combat is a concept you see a lot in anime, manga, and light novels frequently. Each power has its own strengths and weaknesses, giving birth to all sorts of surprises, insights, combos, and comebacks that you can't get in just a simple "who's stronger" fight.  

That's exactly what drove me to make Moékuri. Even though you see that diversity in combat a lot in anime and novels, you rarely see it in gaming! 

The variety and depth of the strategies you can pull off in Moékuri are almost shocking. You can rush in guns blazing, take control with status ailments and debuffs - you can mix and match special abilities to create your own combos - you can turn the main character into a wrecking ball with support characters - you can do anything!

There's a far wider array of ways to play and make use of the many character's abilities than I ever could have hoped. Beyond the mechanics, a ton of work went into this title from a bunch of artists all over the Japanese art community!"  

: "Culture Select was a company born on Kickstarter with the Wish project last year. The goal we shared of expanding localization really became a reality. With the success of that project we were able to expand translation with One Small Fire at a Time, Wish, and the upcoming Dead End Junction

When I started Culture Select, my dream was to bring Comiket and similar local experiences from countries all over the globe to other ones. Select your culture. A chance to try everything. I went to Comiket last summer with that same goal in mind, and that's when one of our team members noticed Moékuri. A game with tons of artists from all over the Japanese doujin-sphere, including Koi-sensei, the artist behind Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? (Is the order a rabbit?) - yeah I wanna show that to everyone I know back home!

Fanbook printing, making merchandise...these are all new things Culture Select wants to try, and we're asking you guys for the support to make that a reality. Just like we did with Wish, lets try and expand into something new together through Moékuri!"

Moékuri has an absolutely massive selection of playable characters. Each has unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses - there are no almost-clones, and there's a dizzying array of potential parties. The battle system is fully voiced - with over 5000 different voice files all of the characters!  

Even after all of the battle features and full battle mode - there's twenty-five story stages to enjoy. There are even special hard mode stages that unlock after completing the base story if you're really looking for a challenge.

Of course we're always super grateful for all the support! Here's the perks for backers!


Thank You Note! ☆彡 - Access to the exclusive backer-only updates.
Wallpapers - Exclusive set of digital wallpapers featuring the main characters.
Digital Copy - A game key for the title when we distribute it digitally!
Digital Copy & Arrange - We're going the extra mile and including a special arrangement of some main music themes, including some original bonus tracks! This is great for anyone who really enjoys music! 
HQ Poster - We have a really fine quality poster with a nice glossy finish we wanted to distribute, you can get it alone or signed by Mocchi! 
Game Hardcopy - A special edition which will include the soundtrack and the game together! 
Fanbook - A totally comprehensive fan and art book, to be fully translated into English, printed, and sent to you guys. Full of staff comments and lots of art, just like at Comiket! Available by itself or unsigned by Mocchi! 

Back when we did Wish, even though we were able to complete it on schedule we actually built a lot of extra time into that schedule we didn't expect to use! The longest part of that project was due to figuring out the engine and programming.

With Moékuri we made sure that was the first thing we figured out, and we've already hired the entire team and begun localization! Without a doubt we will be able to release Moékuri before the end of 2016 with your help!


Here you can see the estimated breakdown of the project expenses! Localization covers everything from translation, to editing, to quality assurance phase of the project. Kickstarter fees include the fees from Backer's Kit, which we'll use to help you guys get your products quickly and efficiently - as well as payment processor fees. The rest is what's involved in bringing the physical items to you!

Prefundia really helped us out with our last project, and we're eternally grateful to all of you and happy to be back!

Right now our base goal is $10,000 USD - simple and easy to understand. The money will be used to recreate the experience of being able to bring an independent game/doujin experience to you. With that goal, everything will be available from the start! You can get hardcopies, the fanbook, the game, poster - anything!

But that’s not the only way we could structure this campaign, and we’re considering a couple of different options.

We could make the base goal ~$4000 to solely cover the costs of the localization. The problem with this is that it doesn't include any of the extras that make up the full experience: the fanbook or hardcopies of the game - those perks wouldn’t be available from the start, and we're worried that just the HQ posters and digital version of the game wouldn't be as appealing to potential backers, which might put the whole project into jeopardy.

We could make the fanbook and hardcopies into stretch goal perks to be unlocked, and offer people the option to upgrade after - though Kickstarters tend to receive the most attention during their first few days, and we’d like to offer more choices to supporters right from the start!

That's why we thought it’d be better to take the risk with the larger goal, and use any overfund money towards a version update and improving the base game, much like we did with the HD upgrade for Wish. But we want you guys to help us decide!

So what do you think? Is this a project Kickstarter can support?

We also have a couple of perk options to consider: 

Do you think there is interest lower quality posters? The left one is the higher quality poster, with the better print coloring and material, as well as a nice glossy finish. Any physical item coming from Japan comes with a hefty shipping and handling tag, and we want the money raised to goto the project directly as much as possible. Though is there a demand for these more normal posters, like on the right? The key art is nice, but the shipping and handling may force the total price more than the digital game itself.

Another perk we were considering was key-chains:

Mocchi hand-crafts these laminated key-chains himself, but it takes a lot of time in labor! This perk is surprisingly expensive and might not benefit the project goal so much. A pack of three would cost about $20, and more with shipping, and we thought that's a bit much for some keychains! So we thought about leaving this perk out, but again wanted to ask you guys if you thought there was a big demand for it. We may be able to produce them in acryllic as well - maybe that would be better than hand-crafted?

Here are some things we intend on doing before the Kickstarter:

  • Translate and/or make a new video, as well as add audio!
  • Look at other opportunities to re-work or make the smaller perks cheaper.
  • Read every single comment with gratitude.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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