Lethal Lands
Lethal Lands

Lethal Lands (rpg) is a new game franchise that will have multiple exciting games on offer in the app store, begining with the first card match rpg version. This first version will use high res magic rpg cards to match and fight either AI or human opponents. The game will be made exclusively available on mobile devices such as Android and Iphone (IOS).

Need Funding for

  • Card Art (3 artists on standby fitting a budget of $2k - about $50 x 42 cards)
  • Full-scale 3D World Map (land of Altamar) which will be used to plan the world battles and interactions in both the 2D and 3D games.
  • Technical Work and Consulting
  • Advertising
  • Programming

Lethal Lands Products

  1. Game one is Card Match RPG using cards to match and battle ai or player opponents.

  2. Game 2 will be a row-matching game with the matched items helping the player fight/attack npcs. Also matching loot to add to the player bank. Fun!

  3. Game 3 will be an open world 3D, land of Altamar, rpg with very physical fighting like TF2 melee.

  4. Lethal Lands trading cards for real world sale.

Lethal Lands website with production map and cards (awaiting card art) includes some of the concepts (map and cards).

Lethal Lands on Social Media

@lethallands [twitter] (Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter.)

Investment Offer (for investor)

Open to offers for investment partner. (DM me on Twitter)

Lethal Lands Cards

Concept cards for Lethal Lands (rpg)

World Map of Altamar

Interactive map at LethalLands.com

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