"Let Go"- An indie sci-fi graphic novel

Art by Cecilia Latella. 
Written by Jon Perry and Ted Kupper of the Review the Future podcast.

  • What if your father in law got rejuvenation treatments and suddenly looked younger than you?
  • What if employers could infer by your color and food preferences whether you were qualified for a job?
  • What if your mom walked in on your virtual world while you were masturbating?
  • What if you were shamed for NOT having a naked pic online?
  • What if you couldn't get hit by a car if you tried?
  • What if clothing fashion changed literally every minute?
  • What if your bathroom mirror had embedded advertisements?
  • What if quack doctors doled out scrips for smart drugs?
  • What if you could pay for the newest product by submitting to a brain scan?
  • What if your smart glasses were passé because everyone has iContacts now?



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