Lesielle adaptive skin care
Lesielle adaptive skin care

This project has already launched.




These two facts lead us to one conclusion: we need a personalized skin care, but also to change it when our skin needs are different.

However, laboratories of today create their formulas not for the individuals but for general skin groups. For example: “Antiaging skin care for mature skin”. But, are all mature skins equal? No, they aren’t.






Discover the new generation of personalized skin care that changes with you.

With LESIELLE you will always have the perfect skin care.


 Create your own custom skin care at home (choosing your skin type, texture and treatment) and change its properties whenever you want, or if your skin needs are different. 




Environmental and internal factor can modify your skin needs.For example, in winter you may need a more protective and hydrating skin care. 


With Lesielle you can create a different formula before each application so it will always be adapted to your needs. You will also be able to create special formulas to use them in specific moments.

Here you can see some examples of adaptive use:
















In 2016, our Founder and CEO Rubén could not find any skin care with all the characteristics he wanted. There were thousands of options but none was perfect. He thought: why can I not simply choose the characteristics I want? or, even better. What if I could change its properties when I will need it?

With LESIELLE, you decide.


There are endless combinations. Just using 2 bases and 4 actives you can create 30 different skin cares products.




Lesielle first concept was to create a device that allows each person to create a personalized skin care just selecting the characteristics they need.

We said to ourselves: "Let’s go further; the device should allow to do it before each application"

All this with 3 requirements: simple, hygienic and affordable for everyone. In addition, it should have a reduced size.

More than 18 3D models and 5 functional prototypes had been created since then. We have managed to lower the device price through the use of technology and a low advertising strategy.


During the development, we have been testing the prototypes with real clients, in order to improve the device. As part of our history, here you can see our third prototype

 miniatura de video del proyecto 
English — Inglés

Haz tu vídeo disponible en otros idiomas y para los patrocinadores con dificultades auditivas.

Right now we are making changes to improve the efficiency and create more stylized lines.

Doing some test on our 4th device (white version):

 miniatura de video del proyecto 
English — Inglés

Haz tu vídeo disponible en otros idiomas y para los patrocinadores con dificultades auditivas.



 The device is available in different colors: White, black and light pink. If we reach 60,000€ we will also be able to produce the grey color.






All rewards are personalized. After the campaign, we will ask you to choose the color of the device and the actives and bases you prefer

If you need it, we will help you to choose the best combination depending on your skin type, concerns, and needs. But also your texture preferences :) 






 A multidisciplinary, motivated and dedicated team with an entrepreneurial spirit.





"We would also like to thank all the people who helped us during the project. To our family and friends, to all those who are part of the Minerva Program and to all those who at some point have given us your sincere opinion in order to improve. We couldn't have done this without you!" -The Lesielle Team

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