Legendary Lootz - Unique Premium Packs for Nerds and Gamers
Legendary Lootz - Unique Premium Packs for Nerds and Gamers

What is LegendaryLootz?

A fresh take on personalized mystery boxes (packs as we like to call them) for gamers and nerds.  With a wide variety of products that aren't readily available in the current marketplace.  Our launch reward packs will include goods from Backlit GBC's, adorable handmade plushies, foreign designer makeup, to novelty game replica's and quality gaming accessories (like the ergonomic mouse!).  

Why are you showing what will be in the launch packs if it's a mystery?

For our launch packs and funding campaign we feel our backers and potential future customers need to know we are putting as much value as possible into these.  Our launch packs will have products that are above and beyond, featuring limited edition items and specialty goods.  And we aren't telling exactly what will be in them, any of the goodies you see might or might not be in your pack.  Each pack will be tailored to the individual (we don't want to send you something from an Anime you've never heard of).

So, there are different kinds of packs?

Yes!  And if all goes well we'd like to expand!  

The Apprentice Pack (formerly called Skillz Up) will feature novelty items for niche groups.  Expand your survival skills with camping gear, make adorable chibi cookies, sharpen your pointy collection with stones, or make your own herbal teas.  There will be a lot of unique products that you can use daily in these packs.

The Kawaii Love Pack will cater to those who love cute stuff.  Our launch packs will include adorable plushies, stationary sets, key chains, fluffly themed slippers, and more.  

AHM SO PRETTY!  Obnoxious, we know.  But this pack is tailored specifically for beauty and makeup lovers.  It will feature unique (and only quality) designer brands from all over the world.  Magic lip paints, romantic (and cute) blush sets, eye and lip safe liners (in rainbow colors ofc), jewelry, and more are set to be in the launch.  We strive to work with hand crafted goods as well.

Are you serious about being a fan?  The Elitist Apparel pack has two subsets.  One for the cosplay fanatics and the other for memorabilia apparel.  Depending on your specifications this pack will include t-shirts, shoes, hats, cosplay wigs, accessories, and full custom made outfits.  Sometimes it will include custom cosplay weaponry from your favorite shows or games.

What are your stretch goals?

  • To add even more uniqueness to our packs.  Network and deal with crafty artisans to bring one of a kind goods.  
  • We'd like to make appearances at conventions, set up booths and offer special events or limited edition items/packs.
  • More packs.  We have tons of great ideas for other specialized packs.  The Indie pack would feature first releases of new indie games for all different types of consoles.  New anime and comics written by excellent indie authors.  We'll add more information on more packs throughout this campaign.
  • Prize packs!  Similar to LootCrates MegaCrate.  We'll send out a limited amount of prize packs with leagues of shiny awesomeness, also tailored to the lucky individuals that are chosen (at random).



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