Lebenshelden /Life's heroes
Lebenshelden /Life's heroes

This project has already launched.

„Life’s heroes“ is a short documentary (approx. 15 - 20 min) about people who as children had to live in a German orphanage and managed to live their lifes despite dramatic things they had to endure: the unapproriate treatments of innocent orphans is one of Postwar Germany’s darkest chapters:

More than 800.000 children und young persons were locked away in orphanages between 1945 - 1975. Many of them experienced breach of law, criminal offences and abuses of all kind. Nearly all of them still suffer consequences of an upbringing that was far from suitable to their needs. Most individuals affected still feel ashamed of the events.

Our project wants to help strengthening the self value of the individuals affected, acknowledge their hardship and support the healing process


Any collective crime against a minority leaves a wound in the people's soul. A wound that holds the society back from fully concentrate on building the future. When collective crimes are acknowledged and reparation has happened, it is good for everyone.

The short documentary is partly financed by the Heimkinderfond (orphanage refund) Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland. The short film will be available as DVD and will be given away to museums, associations related to the subject and it will be uploaded on youtube as well.

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