leather hat
leather hat

Handmade Leather Art

My name is Annie Rich,

I design and produce in Brooklyn, NY. I have always been creativ in one way or the other.

Since 2004 I have been creating leather bags and accessories. My daily experiences are reflecteing on my work.

My product design line is very simple with raw materials of different leather types.

I love to work with leather, I learn everyday new and which I wish it will never end!

I call my Hat-Collection „just-pieces“ because I love to puzzle. . My items presents leather goods for men and women. The Collection is characterized by handmade „Art Work“.

All products are handmade. The source of inspiration behind my collection comes from the day to day experience and love of working with fascinating raw materials.

With a great love for the creations I make.

I am starting that project now because I would like to open a store with all that space where I can work and sell my items. I also have to buy Sewing-Machines, Tools and leather, pay for employees, deposit, insurance, ..., I appreciate any help I can get with that, to finally open my own business.

Thank you all for your help!

AR by Annie Rich

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