Leash Mate - the extra hand for your leash!
Leash Mate - the extra hand for your leash!

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Gives dogs the freedom of a long roaming leash and owners the safety and comfort of a short control leash. If you have a dog that is easily excited, a little bit hyperactive or likes to pull, Leash Mate is perfect for you.

10% of our profits to go to dog shelters and rescues


Some dogs just don’t play well with others… others play so well they can be just a bit much at times.. Occasionally, even the best behaved dogs need that little extra bit of control, like when you’re walking next to a busy road or down a crowded footpath.

We've tried retractable type leashes but they are bulky, expensive and most tend to break easily... Experts also believe they teach your dog bad habits, not to mention they are dangerous. Consumer Reports found there were over 16,000 hospital-treated leash-related injuries in 2007, including cord burns, falls, broken bones and even finger amputations!  

The internet is full of articles suggesting retractable leashes should not be used at all.

Retractable Dog Leash: Do You Know the Risks?

10 reasons why retractable leashes are dangerous

Retractable dog leash dangers - ABC News

With Leash Mate, you can convert your standard pet leash into a safe and optional side walker, whilst still giving your best friend plenty of freedom, and room to roam when the situation allows. Leash Mate is ergonomically designed and fits just right in your hand, giving you the perfect grip to hold on to even the strongest of dogs. 






 ERGONOMIC DESIGN                                                                                                

Wrapping the leash around your hand is far from ideal. With larger dogs, or ones that like to pull, it can actually be quite a hazard as the leash tightens under load. People have broken fingers doing this.

Leash Mate removes the need to wrap the leash and replaces it with an ergonomic ball that is easy and secure to hold. It also creates a straight line of force transfer between the loading point and your arm, which further reduces strain and the potential for injury.


Leash Mate gives a secure, safe and comfortable extra grip wherever you need it, and at 45 grams (1.5 ounces), when you don't need it you won’t even notice it's there.

Leash Mate is currently Patent Pending and also in the running for an ergonomic design award through the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. 



Leash Mate can be attached to any part of the leash, it simply screws on and off and is designed to suit just about any leash, it adds comfort, flexibility and control. 

We have one model to fit flat, webbing type leashes up to 27mm (1 inch) wide and another model to suit round, rope style leashes between 6 and 15mm diameter (Maximum  9/16 inch) 


No more wrapping your leash around your hand or clutching on to your leash trying to hold on as your dog wants to pull away. Especially useful for larger dogs or those who are more excitable.

Perfect for the dog park, walking near roads, on footpaths, in crowds... whenever you need your dog close to your side.


We have been working on Leash Mate for the past year and have gone through a number of design iterations in order to come up with the current production version. Conceptual sketches were developed into solid models using 3 dimensional computer aided design. The original design concept was derived from a climbing rope grab cam but soon evolved…


The second idea used a ratchet system which worked well but was overly complex. This was developed further to remove some of the complexity but eventually replaced with a threaded design that is simple, strong and creates more than enough grip to adequately secure the Leash Mate to any leash.


Design concepts were rapid prototyped using PLA plastic and 3D printing technology to prove the concept in the real world.

The final design concept was then shelled out using a ribbed internal structure to both decrease weight and also decrease the injection molding cycle times (less material cools quicker). Several shelling concepts were trialed and optimised to withstand a 120 kilogram (265 pound) pulling force (which is many times greater than what will be required even when used for the largest of dogs) using 3D finite element analysis.


The final Leash Mate has been field tested for many months now and a number of changes made to make it more comfortable to hold, easier to assemble and work with a wider range of leash sizes.

Further design refinement has increased the securing force created by the thread and further optimised manufacturability.


The 3D printed prototypes function perfectly but due to the manufacturing process have a rough finish. The injection molded production models will have a smooth finish and be even stronger.


Leash mate will be manufactured from UV stabilised, eco-friendly corn based biodegradable PLA plastic with a plan to manufacture right here in North America.



As an Engineer it saddens me to see that the majority of products we buy are designed to fail after only a few years, especially when it's possible to make a product that lasts generations. Companies used to design products this way until they figured out it's not as profitable... 

We believe in a different, more sustainable philosophy and have designed Leash Mate to be many times stronger than required in the hope it will be the only one you ever have to buy.

Here is a little video showing how Leash Mate easily provides enough clamping force and strength to hang off, which is many times more abuse than it will be subjected to even by the heaviest and strongest of dogs. I'm approximately 80 kilograms or 176 pounds.

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Leash Mate has other uses too:


Leash Mate can be used to tether two or more leashes when walking multiple dogs (much like a leash coupler); which keeps your dogs from taking up all the room on a footpath. No more twisted leashes and dogs tangled up on your walk.


It can also be used to secure your standard leash around your waist so you are free to run and play with your dog once in a leash free area

We have also used leash mate to secure grocery shopping bags together, making them easier to carry and if you’re driving they stay together without spilling your shopping through the car on the way home.


 Other potential uses include horses, climbing, boating, tie down straps... anywhere you need an extra handle or to replace a knot.


WHY $25,000?

We love the details just as much as you do so we have listed a breakdown of the major costs involved.

The calculated goal of $25,000 represents the minimum amount we require to bring Leash Mate to life. 




We have been working closely with an injection molding company here in North America who have helped us modify the design slightly to make it both easier and more affordable to manufacture. Detailed quotes and lead times have been provided for a delivery date of June 2015. 

We have allowed an additional 4 weeks for any slip and also to make sure we have time for proper sample evaluation and quality control checks. We are realistic in how long it takes to actually bring a product to market. 



We're offering an open line of communication throughout the project and will be updating you on each stage of development. We are confident Leash Mate will be delivered as planned, but any issues or setbacks will be shared with our backers. We appreciate transparency and as ‘investors’ we believe you have the right to know exactly how things are progressing.



Our dream is to sell Leash Mate in every Pet store. Inevitably the price will have to be more expensive than this KickStarter run. We're planning the RRP to be $17.95 to cover shelf packaging, distribution, wholesale, retail mark ups and more. We're able to discount Leash Mate by fulfilling via KickStarter and direct selling our product. If our project is successful, you'll be getting a great deal. Especially if you get in early. 



The future of Leash Mate is now in your hands… We think it’s a great new product so why not give one a go for yourself. Please share our story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – a couple of clicks will help so much. Social media is the main way people learn about crowd funded projects. Share the love. 

Thank you


Depending on demand we would like to set up fulfilment houses within Canada, the US, UK, Europe and Australia and pass the savings made on individual shipping cost to our backers with a refund. Until we have enough demand for this though we have to budget for the worst case scenario, which is shipping them out individually at the Canada Post rate.




We have been working on a rubber coated version of Leash Mate so you've always got a fetch toy whenever you're out walking fido. Costing for this has proven to be quite expensive as multiple molds are required for the manufacturing process. We would love to offer this though and will be able to if we reach at least $60,000... Spread the word. 



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