Lean Philosophically: Make Money Meaningfully
Lean Philosophically: Make Money Meaningfully

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Are you a business person who wants what makes your customers buy revealed?

Are you a humanities major who wants to make more manna?

Do you want a new way to kickstart your most valuable projects?

To do these things, "Lean Philosophically: Make Money Meaningfully," suggests that you ought to lean philosophically toward what your customers most value through your observance. You do so by fervently divining who your customers are, why they may buy, what they want to buy from you, and how you ought to create the most manna for your stakeholders. You lean philosophically through 'who,' 'why,' and 'what' your customers are toward 'how' you cross your customers' value streams to what delights them most. This is a stretch assignment explaining how you identify and produce what your customers most value in exchange for money.

Lean philosophically is a two volume book that artfully describes who and why your customers are, what they value, and how you make more money the right way by engaging in a higher form of business analysis. Lean Philosophically helps you better understand business by intersecting contemporary philosophy with the modern business concept of “Lean."

Here is the book's webiste: http://www.leanphilosophically.com

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