Leadership Society of Arizona: Summer Education Program
Leadership Society of Arizona: Summer Education Program

Leaders become successful by understanding who they are, where they are going, and how to achieve goals by aligning others. This understanding allows their minds to be free and explore the world at a much faster speed and comprehension, as they utilize experts to minimize addictions, depression and rebellious actions that surface from the lack of a simplistic understanding of life. 

Backed by 23 years of research and 1,800+ tests, the Performance Based Studies Research Group has simplified an approach using natural laws and common sense that allows students to learn faster and improve their ability to perceive and implement accurate, valuable concepts. This deductive logic and leadership education approach sets the foundation for tomorrow's, and today's, leaders, by allowing them to "know almost everything while knowing almost nothing." Research has shown students are learning new concepts up to five times faster after being introduced to the content, which has quickly became the subject of the most popular honors course at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. The educational efforts are now spilling beyond the college environment and into K12 curriculum, via the Leadership Society of Arizona.

The Leadership Society of Arizona is currently utilizing the deductive logic and leadership content to create courses for K12 students in the fourth annual Summer Logic and Leadership Academy. The mission is to teach visoinary students deductive and logic concepts as early as possible to be in harmony with their own productivity, strengths and overall lives. 

We are reaching out to our community to aid in providing these students with the opportunity to completely reshape their logical thought processes and create value for their environment. Students will have three different opportunities to be immersed in the Leadership Society of Arizona's concepts for four days during summer 2016, however, each attendee has fees attached. We hope to see you again soon when crowdfunding for this summer's Logic and Leadership Academy's crowdfunding begins. 

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