LBC honest designer brand
LBC honest designer brand

This project has already launched.

My name is Laura Blagogee, I'm a couturier.
I create and manufacture haute couture collections for women.
I specialized in dresses. Casual dresses, cocktail, evening and wedding dresses.

After completing my studies in South of France, I started my career as a seamstress for different French and Dutch well known designers and fashion houses. Meanwhile, my dresses are worn by famous Dutch and French pop stars and actresses.

I see each person as an unique human being. My way of working exudes this. Every costumers receives an appropriate personal care based on her wishes. Therefore each design is unique.

My designs especially highlight the natural shapes of the female body. I have a good feeling for precision; everything is developed until it is perfect. Every design breaths floral femininity as they are inspired by mother nature.

For ten years I have been working in my studio, with the help of some freelancers who come to help me for the most important projects.
I also supervise about 4 to 5 trainees a year to teach them the ropes.
The education and teaching this wonderful craftsmanship is very important to me.
Sewing workshops are disappearing more and more and becoming fashion designer is not without obstacles.

I want to continue to transmit my passion and my knowledge. My passion for work well done, for good quality and expertise.


In order to continue to work as I do, that is to say,to be able to continue to develop my collections in my own atelier and continue to transmit my passion and know-how to the next generation, I need to grow and develop my brand.
I would like to create, next to my haute couture collection a ready-to-wear collection consisting only of dresses. To offer my costumers unique designs and perfect fits. Comfortable dresses while being classy and representative.
Handcrafted at affordable prices.

These collections I want to continue to manufacture them in Europe. I do not want to become a mass production chain but to remain an ethical, honest brand that looks after the education of the next generation and the well being of his costumers.
To extend it also means to be able to offer fixed work to competent seamstresses and to be able to stimulate the fashion world in my region rather than having it manufactured in distant countries.

Gathering funds will allow me to expand my haute couture collections and develop ready-to-wear collections to attract and reach a wider audience.
To be done I must be able to produce on a larger scale and sell my collections online, on my own webshop but also to offer my collections to potential buyers (shops) online and offline.

In more details,this crowdfunding will allow me to start the production of my collection. A collection that will consist of ten models ranging from size 36 to 46.
To photograph the collection for both the webshop and the advertising campaign.
To broadcast the campaign online and to be assisted by a marketing and sales marketing pro.



If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Any kind of encouragment is welcome!

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