Last Communion
Last Communion

This project has already launched.

"Last Communion" is the story of a regular guy, David, that begins as a memoir. He is, in effect adopted and befriended by a benign and amazing giant of an alien. Right off the bat, David encourages his new companion to choose his own human type name. With all the vast possibilities of Human history at his avail he finally chooses it:  Adam.

Adam has never set foot on a planet, nor can he. And, of course, David hasn’t been further away from Terra Firma than the occasional airplane flight.

There is a sinister and deeply disturbing side to it all, however. A race that has been using earth as a genetics testing lab for millenia is not likely to agree with the plans of the two new comrades.

How would you deal with such a turn in your life? Would you freak out at the possibilities, at the reality of your new situation, and at the realization that your worst nightmare may be turning into a reality?

Or would you adapt to it with enthusiasm, jumping right into it?

Or maybe a little of both?



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