Last Bottle Clothing - Restorative Apparel
Last Bottle Clothing - Restorative Apparel

This project has already launched.

We are excited to be launching a new apparel brand that is not only sustainable, but restorative.

Our clothing is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles but feel like soft cotton. We reduce plastic pollution and fossil fuel use, as well as eliminate the need for fresh water and pesticides associated with cotton. 

Upon reaching the end of its useful life, we can take back the clothing to be recycled into brand new apparel. That's right, our clothing will also be 100% recyclable, creating an infinite closed loop process!

Many brands claim to be eco-friendly, but often use just a small portion of recycled material, or are made from blends that cannot be infinitely recycled and eventually ends up in a landfill.

Apparel manufacturing is the 2nd most polluting industry globally, so it's tough to know you are doing the right thing when buying your clothes. With Last Bottle Clothing, we take great care to ensure we only use recycled materials and have the cleanest processes possible.

Our supply chain was developed by intimately understanding our supplier partners, and ensuring they are environmental and social leaders in the industry. We source all materials, manufacture all cloth, and assemble all clothing in the US, within an 85 mile radius in the Carolinas.

WE'VE LAUNCHED ON KICKSTARTER!!! Please check out our campaign and visit our webite to join us on this amazing journey.

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