LasAlarm, the Cool Laser Security System that Connects to your Devices and Catches the REAL Bad Guys
LasAlarm, the Cool Laser Security System that Connects to your Devices and Catches the REAL Bad Guys

This project has already launched.

We saw a problem. Security systems simply cost way too much! And they offer little in the way of flexibility, and capability. And with crime affecting lower income populations disproportionately, we had to do something about it. 

Our system is simple yet effective. The lasers plug into a regular power outlet for longer lasting power. This beams into a receiver unit, which detects resistance caused by the laser. If altered in any way (if moved, crossed or if power is increased or decreased substantially), the receiver unit will send a signal to the central processing unit, which you can place anywhere in your home. The central processing unit checks for any residents (or authorised friends/family/workers) in the vicinity, and if no-one is around, signals an alarm to siren, and sends alerts to your devices. 

RFID chips can also be attached to collars, wallets or phone covers to stop pets or family from triggering an alarm when they cross, and their phones are off/out of battery.  

Finally, video livestream feeds are also available, allowing you to visualise what's going on, record it for evidence, and they even turn on your command to give you a full view of what's going on! 

So secure your home and contents today! 

At least 10% of profits from our company will go to charity IN PERPETUITY. We believe in giving back, and will be investing in some of the most effective charities in the world, as rated by, and other charitable ventures. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need funding to go on to the next phase. We've got a basic version of this operating already! But we need more funds to make this as amazing as possible. 

$5000 allows us to finish designs, and start manufacturing, allowing us to source materials and parts from ethical producers (we've already started building relationships with manufacturers to do so). 

$10,000 will allow us to test the app to its limits, ensuring it remains flawless. 

$20,000 will cover us into the near future at the very least, covering business and legal fees to complete the patenting process (we've got provisional patents already, so no-one can steal the idea!), and make sure we're able to produce en mass! 


$99 gets you your very own system, complete with laser beam, receiving unit and central processing unit, and 3 RFID chips. 

$19 will get you 10 more calibrated RFID chips (they will all calibrate to each individual shipping address or property. Contact us if you'd like them separately calibrated).

$99 can also get you a remotely controlled video camera unit.

$199 will get you 4 laser and receiver units, plus a central processing unit, allowing you to cover all entryways!

$199 can also get you a laser and receiver unit, central processing unit and a camera which can LiveStream too!

$299 gets you 2 laser and receiver units, 2 central processing units, 10 RFID chips and 2 camera systems to protect your home, store OR office.

4 laser and receiver units, 1 central processing unit, 10 RFID chips and 2 adjustable cameras. 

$449 will get you 9 laser and receiver units, 3 central processing units, 20 RFID chips and 3 camera systems to protect your homes, stores or offices. 

$999 will get you 20 laser and receiver units, 8 central processing units, 50 RFID chips and 8 camera systems to protect your properties!

The Impact

We believe in giving back, and are effective altruists, meaning we give back to causes that cause the most good possible. How do we determine they're good? Through the most thorough charity effective research organisation in the world -, and through our own social impact assessment processes for research and social enterprise investment. 

At least 10% of all profits will be going back into these charitable investments, with the propsed breakdown being 5% to the 3 most effective, life saving organisations in the world, according to GiveWell and the rest towards other awesome projects that create good in the world! Indeed, our founder wants to eventually raise this number to 100%, and runs a social enterprise that currently does so, called Get To Sleep Easy!‚Äč

Risks & Challenges

We've got an electrical engineer with over a decade of experience, and an adept junior engineer with vast experience with microprocessors and various coding languages, as well as a team of dedicated students who are involved in this project and others too.

We've already designed the system, and are going through preliminary testing of various programs on it soon, once our signal processing engineer returns from leave. But the processing involved is quite easy. To ensure optimal security, we'll have to conduct further comprehensive, thorough testing.

But the major challenge we'll face is funding. Although we've gotten far, that is ultimately why we're here. In order to make it possible for this to eventually become a social enterprise that gives 100% of its profits to charity, we need a seed investment to begin. And hopefully, this will surpass that, making manufacturing as simple as possible. 


Other Ways You Can Help

We know some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help!

Share this around with family and friends. 

Check out our Facebook page - - to get updates on where we're going (donate for in depth updates on progress!), where there are ways for you to win a system for yourself! 

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