Largest living coral reef aquarium
Largest living coral reef aquarium

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Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium is the worlds largest living coral reef aquarium and the Australian governement's national education centre for the great barrier reef. Reef HQ provides the most outstanding Great Barrier Reef experience through education, inspiration and entertainment. campervan relocations

The Reef HQ Aquarium turtle hospital provides a dedicated facilty where sick and injured Turtles can be cared for and rehabilitated. The turtle hospital operates under and promotes the C.A.R.E (conserve, act, rehabilitate, educate) philosophy playing a key role in raising community awareness in relation to threatened species and encouraging behavioural change that contributes to nature conservation.
Signature tours are run daily by a team of interpretive guides and volunteers.

10.30 am - Predator Dive show
11.15am - Reef Discovery Lagoon
12.00pm-Turtle Hospital Tour
2.30pm - Animal Feeding Tour
3.30pm- Turtle Hospital

Reasons to visit Reef HQ Largest living coral reef aquarium in the world Educates guests about the care and protection of the reef. All talks and tours are included in cost of admission Compliments dive or snorkel trip, allowing divers to enjoy and understand the reef better. Supporting Reef HQ puts money back into our environment.
Reef HQ is able to look after luggage while you visit. Reef HQ has a great café and gift shop.
Open 9.30am - 5pm every day (excludes Christmas day only)
Ticket Condition:
Ticket allows you to visit the aquarium all day with the option of returning later the same day. Address: 2-68 Flinders St, Townsville

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