Lady Camarasa's Dress and Decorum for the Modern Day Dinosaur
Lady Camarasa's Dress and Decorum for the Modern Day Dinosaur

This project has already launched.

A is for Ascot, B is for Bowler Hat, V is for Velocipede.

This project began because my son stopped believing in Santa Claus. A lovely couple inspired me to create a series of dinosaur scenes each morning over holiday break, dinos stealing gifts, dinos making pancakes, etc. Soon the magic and anticipation was back in the holiday and my camera was filled with images of dinosaurs doing silly things. 


As you can see, Dinosaurs get up to all sorts of hijinks. 


 It's a little known secret that T-Rexes love cocoa. 


After four years of Dinosaur 'Tableaux' I decided to create an ABC book - for children and adults alike - featuring original oil paintings of dinosaurs in Victorian dress and using Victorian items. 

I have a Hadrosaurus in an ascot, a Stegosaurus wearing a monocle, an Apatosaurus in a crinoline, etc. I want to create a book that looks like the old etiquette books popular in the late 1800's, like an Emily Post for Dinosaurs meets a fancy dress guide. In lieu of Emily Post I have created Lady Camarasa - a Camarasaurus with a discerning eye for fashion and a thorough understanding of dino social dynamics. 

Each letter of the alphabet will have a page featuring a full color oil painting of a dinosaur using or wearing a Victorian item and a page containing facts about the dinosaur, the attire she is wearing, along with a fanciful blurb about Dinosaur etiquette. Fact and fancy all tied up together in one whimsical full color book. 

Preview - B is for Bowler Hat. 
Preview - B is for Bowler Hat.

I am super excited about creating this book and have already thought of several sequels to it. I look forward to working with you on bringing it, and Lady Camasara's world, to life. 


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