Länz Pen | The Finest Executive EDC Pen
Länz Pen | The Finest Executive EDC Pen

This project has already launched.

We're in love. Our new pen prototypes have landed - and with 3 gorgeous colors to choose from, we want to make your work and writing more of a pleasure.

Welcome to Ketalon Gear's 4th Kickstarter project!


We're passionate about pens, and we aim to do just one thing well : design exceptional products for people like us. The ones who love everyday carry (EDC) tools, enjoy collecting them, and spend an inordinate amount of time deciding what to carry :) And we have very high standards.


Ketalon is a tiny operation. Kickstarter is our home.

We don't have (or want) investors or a 'marketing department'. We've brought every pen here first - so far, Kickstarter is the reason we've survived. We love the community here!


The pen is a key component of every workplace. For centuries the writing tool has been a primary record-keeper. In today's touchscreen age, the pen remains THE tool of the trade for creativity and business. It's as much about usefulness as it is about making a personal statement. And combining this with a set of superior design features makes for a great pen - one that's not only beautiful but a real joy to use.

In a departure from our tactical design roots, we wanted to create the finest, most pocket friendly pen for the office. One that positively shines in every capacity. Something that balances elegance with true convenience. Keen on using the tough materials we know and love, it took a long time to perfect every little detail. It started with 3D computer models that looked different from what you see here. This evolution was important because we learned little things along the way.

After chipping away at the inessentials, and multiple cycles of prototyping-testing-refining.... the Länz slowly took shape. It's simply the ideal everyday carry (EDC) pen. Made for anyone looking to make a statement, or anyone who loves well designed gear. And with your help, we're going to bring it to life!



The final, finished product has been a result of obsessing over details and iterating the design until it screams perfection. Every aspect of each of these pens has been thoughtfully designed to make it a joy to use and carry – read on to see what makes the Länz so special.

We already had a lot of experience in this area. We reject most metal pens due to their size, weight, mechanism, or 'wow factor'. We've also talked to tons of EDC fans for our previous projects, which set us some parameters.

The Länz fills out at just 4 inches (103mm) long. Slip it into your pocket or your backpack - you won't even know it's there!


We could've made it smaller but didn't for ergonomic reasons.
We could've made it smaller but didn't for ergonomic reasons.


When you combine the compact body and slim dia with a weight of only 30 grams (1 oz.), a pocket pen becomes....perfect! It's balanced, ergonomic, and feels right.


Superior ergonomics means you can focus on the task at hand.
Superior ergonomics means you can focus on the task at hand.

What does this mean? - It means your pockets will love it, your fingers will crave it, and your friends will covet it.

BOLT ACTION MECHANISM (Gets you through those long meetings!)

A mild annoyance with pen caps (and twist pens) is they require two hands - not ideal for many of us who are often on the phone or on-the-go.

As for click-end pens, they're just metal versions of their plastic counterparts and carry the risk of accidental inked pockets. Plus, they just don't shine enough for us. No 'wow' = No-go.

Enter the rifle-inspired bolt action system.

What sets this mechanism apart is its reliability - the simplicity of a single moving part makes it fail-proof. Unlike ordinary pens there are no risks of inked pockets, lost caps, or broken plastic parts. It can be used with one finger - convenient for quick notes, especially when on the phone and on the move.

Did we mention the addictive, fidget-friendly sound?

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Glad you asked! Instead of housing the refill like previous designs, the piston bolt simply pushesthe refill forward (achieved using precision machining with extremely fine tolerances).

This has 3 benefits : Minimizes pen thickness so it's not bulky in your pocket. Allows deep groove for the handle so you'll never worry about anything coming loose. Avoids weaker hollow bolt designs, so you know you're getting the best of the best.

The custom stud is an elegant domed handle that provides excellent purchase and sits nearly flush with the pen's surface.


This is the best part! And it makes complete sense when you see the refills.

The Länz is compatible with two superb refills :

  • Mini Parker-style refill : 67mm long. Comes with the pen (black ink).
  • Lamy M22 : 60mm long. German-made, available worldwide.

You don't need to flip the bolt unless you switch to a Lamy. And when you do, the bolt direction will be obvious during assembly.

Easy way to remember : Long half towards Lamy, mini-half to mini-Parker.
Easy way to remember : Long half towards Lamy, mini-half to mini-Parker.


Not only this...

..the measurements are so precise that upon activation, both refill nibs are exposed by the exact same lengths - so you get to retain those superior ergonomics we keep harping on!



Much like the clothes you wear, the tools you rely on say a lot about you. As do the colors you choose!

The Länz comes in 3 beautiful metal hues : Ice Silver - Stone Gray - Raven Black

Which are you?

We get why you may want all three :)
We get why you may want all three :)



It's impossible for us to create or even use something breakable. It's just not in our DNA. So it's only natural that the pen body is made of tough aircraft grade aluminium, and the bolt and clip are made of stainless steel. The steel clips are hand-bent and laser engraved. The Länz is more than a pen - it's art.



Likely to become your favourite pen.
Likely to become your favourite pen.



To eliminate assembly hardware, we didn't want to use screws. Which left us with tension-fit and ring-type clips. Over time these can slide around, which would interfere with the bolt action <gasp>. This simply will not do.

The answer? A clip that locks!

You can also just remove it - for folks who toss it in a pouch, or need to fix accidental clip bends.


Our maniacal focus on giving you the perfect user experience will continue..


'Arresting' design :) Tested in the real world.
'Arresting' design :) Tested in the real world.


A result of obsessing over details.
A result of obsessing over details.


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