KUVRD | Universal Lens Cap
KUVRD | Universal Lens Cap

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The Universal Lens Cap (ULC for short) is the best way to cover and protect your camera lenses. Period. It fits every DSLR camera lens, never falls off and functions as both a front and rear lens cap. It's waterproof, dustproof & shock absorbent.  Finally, it's elegantly designed so you can travel stress free wherever and however you desire knowing you have the right sized lens cap, you'll never lose it and have the best protection possible for your lenses.


The Universal Lens Cap is a Two-Time Patented Silicon Lens Cap that is:




M U L T I - F U N C T I O N A L 

One of the greatest features of the ULC is its multi-functionality capabilities. 

  • F R O N T  &  R E A R  L E N S  C A P.


The Universal Lens Caps natural structure and material composition allows it to compress down to the diameter of a dime. While on photoshoots, our photographer ambassadors have put the Universal Lens Cap in all of their pockets, socks, shoes, armpits, wedged inbetween a belt, and even stuck in a bra! Because of the interior's add grip, the Universal Lens Cap incredibly adverse to getting lost! 

O U R   S T O R Y

As professional photographers, our goal is 'Getting the Perfect Shot'.

But there are stresses and setbacks in preparation for, and during, photoshoots (eg. loosing lens caps, properly protecting gear, etc.). Eventually, we lose sight of why we're shooting; to get the perfect shot.

Sometimes, a setback is so great (accidentally breaking a lens) that it prevents us from getting the shot altogether.

We wanted to solve that problem; take away stress and alleviate anxiety to help you continue getting that 'Perfect Shot'.

Enter the Universal Lens Cap.


We spent a year rounding up mechanical and industrial engineers, gathering feedback from professional photographers and videographers, going through 6 different molds and filing 2 different patents until we felt we nailed it. Trust us when we say, we've got you KUVRD.


C O M P A R I N G  &  C O N T R A S T I N G


W A R R A N T Y ? 

The Universal Lens Cap does have a warranty. In fact, a lifetime warranty! For as long as you own the product, you're 100% insured against defects in material and workmanship. However, we do NOT provide a warranty against damage or any other defects/issues caused to your lenses WHILE using or NOT using the Universal Lens Cap. 

If your lens breaks while using our product, we are not held liable for your camera gear, its repair/replacement, nor act as a financial insurance agency against potentially harmful issues to your camera gear, especially your lenses. The Universal Lens Cap acts as an aversion tool to elements. That is it. We strongly advise you seek out and invest in camera insurance just as any other professional would do in any other industry!

C U S T O M S  &  D U T I E S

Unfortunately, we cannot mark any pledge/reward as a 'gift'. It is illegal to do so. In addition, import duties and taxes are NOT INCLUDED in our reward levels. These charges vary by country and are completely out of our control. We are shipping the Universal Lens Cap all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into the various reward levels of Kickstarter.

This online tool can help you calculate duties.


Remember, we are the creators of the KUVRD and the Universal Lens Cap, not international customs. You can use this tool as estimates when determining additional costs in receiving our products. 

R E T U R N   P O L I C Y

As stated in our warranty section, we will happily replace the ULC so long as there is a defect in material and/or workmanship. However, we do NOT offer refunds or returns. Every dollar from this campaign will be directly used to producing the lens caps, fulfilling orders and paying off initial start-up costs, patent fees, and other expenses.

R I S K S  &  C H A L L E N G E S

Our biggest foreseeable challenge will be properly calculating, negotiating, and fixating costs and pricing with manufacturers for materials. Silicon is a rather volatile material, where, based on municipal laws, seasons and other related material-based industries, much of the cost of material used in the Universal Lens Cap can almost double overnight thanks to some shift or change in one of those aforementioned factors. Once the campaign is over, we can send over a Purchase Order which, based on the quantity of ULCs and current pricing of silicon, we'll fixate a unit cost.

Our second biggest challenge is determining a realistic 'estimated date of delivery'. Based on our history with our current chosen manufacturers, we can have a unit created and in our hands within 45 days, but taking into account holidays, quantity of units, priority of our order with the manufacturer and shipping to customers worldwide, we gave ourselves a buffer of an additional 45 days to handle any 'hiccups' throughout the process.

There are always unforeseeable risks, setbacks and hiccups, which is why we plan to be transparent and do everything we can to keep our customers (you, the backer) happy.

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