Kubeland represents the next generation of Sandbox gaming, in which players have more control, flexibility, and power to create anything they can imagine.  We started with the concept of cubes as the basic building block on a blank canvas.  Think of it as the Holodeck on Star Trek:


The Process

Then we added cubes in a 3d physics-driven environment - just to see if our concept was as cool in reality as it was in our own heads.  We made some basic building blocks, as well as some blocks with physics properties, like jet blocks and rotator blocks, as well as not a few kinds of weapons.


Next, we kind of stopped working altogether and starting making all sorts of battle bots to fight against each other like this one.  Yes, those are plasma generators, laser cannons, and rocket boosters in the back.   It was fun.


Help us make it happen

Anyways, we are back in the saddle and committed to making the game of our dreams become a reality.  What you've seen above is very early alpha product.  The graphics are rough, there are still some bugs to work out, and full game vision is not yet represented.

Upon completion, players will be able to build entire virtual worlds with moving living parts.  Whether they want to be like us and create fighting machines for PvP action, or create a world with cars driving down the streets, helicopters in the sky, cubist impressionist paintings on the wall, all of that will be limited only by their own imagination. 

Share Your Stuff

But I think the coolest part about this project, is the ability to save your creation, and share it with friends.  We will have a "blueprint library," available to users that enables them to see what others have created and get it for themselves, without having to build it from scratch each time.  That way, you the player are standing on the shoulders of giants, as the phrase goes.  You can leverage all sorts of creations to make your world the way you want it. 

3D Printing

Players will also be able to 3D print their creations and have them mailed to home in physical form. 

If you have an interst, please share your email with us and/or pass this on to friends, so we can let you know when our Kickstarter goes live, we can't do this on our own!

Thanks for your attention

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