KRHFT: DIY Leather Wallet Kit
KRHFT: DIY Leather Wallet Kit

This project has already launched.

We at KRHFT strive to remove the fear or hesitation in starting a new hobby. Starting a hobby like leather-crafting can be pricey, intimidating, and require a lot of research. With our kits, we aim to trim the learning curve and leverage a community of makers to drive down costs. We pack each box with everything you will need to start creating. If you went and bought these tools individually at a specialty craft store, it would cost upwards of $140.  

We believe in the value of self-made goods. When someone asks you where you got your wallet, few things bring greater pride than being able to answer with the simple words, “I made it.” After all, the story of a handmade good is just as, if not more important, than the object itself. The time it took to make, what inspired you, where you were when you made it—there’s a soul about it, and better yet, a value that money cannot buy.


  • Open the box 
  • Choose your wallet design (leather & stitching color)
  • Find the instructional video on (not the video above)
  • Follow the step-by-step "how to" video 
  • Enjoy your new self-made wallet 
  • Choose your next project, be it a notebook, watch strap, passport holder, etc.
  • Get more pre-cut leather pieces at
  • Continue creating with just the tools in this kit

Other DIY craft kits can provide as little as a piece of thread, needles, and ready-to-sew leather pieces. Here at KRHFT, we are not in the business of providing a one-time craft. Helping you create your own high-quality leather wallet is just a bonus for us. We aim to give you the instruction and basics to call yourself a leather crafter. With just the tools provided in the kit, you can go on to make countless other leather projects without ever having to buy another tool.  

Personalization is key for us at KRHFT. As the creator, you can choose white or green stitching as well as tan or brown leather. We can all appreciate quality goods, but there’s something especially gratifying about seeing your name or initials engraved on something. Hence why, with a little creativity, we have figured out a way in which everyone with this kit can imprint their initials on their finished product.  

Our Kits are created for the people by the people. We at KRHFT are not expert artisans or trained leather craftsmen; we are passionate hobbyists who know how to teach and create. We understand the troubles a beginner might have (because we’ve labored through them ourselves). Whether young or old, novice or expert, too busy or bored, we are confident that anyone can create the crafts we provide. 

We have been working very hard to bring the KRHFT Leather Kit to you and create a community of makers. One amazing aspect of creating or making something is being able to share it with others. We are so thankful for the opportunity you, the community, has given to us.  

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