Korean Alphabet Poster: Learn The Easiest Alphabet!
Korean Alphabet Poster: Learn The Easiest Alphabet!

This project has already launched.

Nah(I), Nuh(You)   

Created with the objective of making it easy to learn, The Korean Alphabet is one of the easiest alphabets in the world. With this poster, you will not need a Korean class to read this alphabet. Fan of K-Pop? Learn how to sing your favorite songs by yourself! At Orientypes, we patented a new romanization algorithm of Korean (Haan-geul) just for you.

(You can read them more precisely with our own algorithm of Romanization in Korean)

Most of the romanizations of Korean you can find focuses on writing Korean with English letters. For this reason, a lot of Westerners will have the wrong pronunciation because of their habit of how latin letters sound. I developed this algorithm with the idea of helping people understand better how Korean actually sound like. 

<Project Status>
We’ve already finished our design works for these posters. Currently, we are selling them on eBay and Etsy, but for a much higher price since we made only a few of them. Because they proved to be interesting to a lot of people, I would like to have a chance to provide them with the posters at a much cheaper price. 


You may now learn your favorite songs’ lyrics perfectly!  

With our Patented Korean Romanization Algorithm, we provide a Kpop Lyrics app for Kpop fans on App Store and Google Play.

<About Orientypes>  

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