KonneKt - Social Game for Isolated Children
KonneKt - Social Game for Isolated Children

This project has already launched.

Award winning toy for isolated children to play with other children using the window between their hospital rooms and the hallway.


To get one+one, you can donate the price indicated at 'one+one' and choose the corresponding reward.

 *Please note that the colors of the rewards you receive might not match the colors on the picture


These hospitals have already indicated they want to receive and use a KonneKt game:

If you would like to give away a personal present, or when you want to give away KonneKt sets with your company name on individual pieces, we can engrave your name on most pieces (all, except the really small ones). We can do this for the full packages. The first personalized full package will cost €259, each subsequent package with the same name will cost €199. If you want this, donate the correct amount (€60 + [number of games you want]*€199) and choose for the 'full package' perk. We'll contact you for the details. You can receive the games yourself, or have us donate the games with your name on them to a hospital. The extra earnings will be used for the increased production costs and to donate more games to hospitals.

Unfortunately, during the treatment of some diseases, children are required to be isolated and are not allowed to leave their rooms. This isolation can take up to four months! During this time, however, they do not always feel ill.

Like any other child, these children feel an urge to play and to make contact with their peers, which is very hard in the traditional isolation set-up. With KonneKt, we give these children the opportunity to play together with other children at the hospital.

KonneKt is a fun toy for healthy and ill children alike. It consists of a set of shapes that children can attach to the windows between their rooms and the hallway with suction cups and magnets. KonneKt offers children the possibility to make up their own games and stories. And they do not even have to be in the same room!

Children can play games such as tic tac toe, checkers and chess, but they can also build their own fantasy world with dragons, castles monsters and heroes. They can even play challenging competitive games such as a variation on pacman, where one of the children plays the ghost, and the other plays pacman!

We designed the shapes to tickle the imagination of the children and encourage them to create their own fun games.

Besides being a fun and creative game for every child, the possibility to play together without having to leave a room makes KonneKt very suitable for isolated children in hospitals!

There are so many people who helped to bring KonneKt to where it is now!  From children suffering from cancer to production experts, from healthcare professionals to fellow designers. It would be impossible to give credit everybody to whom I'm grateful, but to all those who helped: Thank you!

I would like to introduce you to the ambassadors, who have helped me tremendously by making contact with hospitals throughout Europe. This would have been an impossible task without their help! They are all very excited to be part of the project and have spent a lot of time speaking to hospitals. Hats off to all of them! :-)

If there isn't an ambassador in your country that doesn't necessarily mean KonneKt won't be available there. Mail Job if you want more information about availability or if you'd like to be an ambassador!

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My journey with KonneKt started in January 2013, when I started my graduation project at Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft. During the project, I interviewed many children in several Dutch child hospitals. I learned that isolation is quite common for child cancer patients. Children indicated that this was a big problem for them, as they were obviously very bored and very lonely. Contrary to what I expected, these children were not always bedbound, and would love to play with other children. Furthermore, I learned that isolation is not just boring, but also negatively impacts normal social development! To solve the problem, I built different prototypes, and tested them in hospitals.

If you're interested in reading more about the research and/or about the development process, you can download the analysis report and/or graduation report. Please note that some information might be outdated (for example the cost estimation of producing KonneKt and the Princess Máxima Center floorplan).

After graduating and seeing what KonneKt could do for isolated children I was (and still am!) very motivated to make KonneKt a reality. "If I won't do it, who will?" I thought. Thanks to help and advice of many kind people I have been able to fully prepare KonneKt for production and make a solid financial plan. All I need to start producing now and actually realize KonneKt, is money. This is where you come in. Join my dream to make KonneKt a reality by pledging and/or spreading the word!

Kind regards,


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