Konfident Dance Studio
Konfident Dance Studio

This project has already launched.

Last year around November I lost my newborn son 8 days after he was born.  The grief was all consuming but I have come a long way.  To celebrate his life and how far I have come with my healing, I decided to launch this Dance Studio as a way to unfold my passion for dance and motivate others to discover how amazing dance is and how it can heal.  I've never been a small woman by any means.  In high school, I was the only plus size girl on the drill team.  But, I COULD MOVE!  And I still can.  I never lost that passion.  It was just dormant.  IT'S ALIVE!!!!! I am alive!

I am raising funds to start my dance studio.  I will be offering low cost dance classes during the after school hours to local youth.  I will also be serving dinner to those at risk kiddos.  There is a great need for our youth to receive a healthy and nutritious meal for dinner.  Also some students will have siblings that don't want to dance.  For those students we will offer tutoring to keep them together.  I want to employ only 2 employees that will help me with tutoring and providing the food. 

Together we can help the community and help an under served youth!

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