Knuckled Comb
Knuckled Comb

This project has already launched.

Need a beard comb that is as manly as your beard? Here it is, a knuckled comb from Fully Bearded. Admit it, you want this.

The world's toughest beard comb

  • Be part of the experience and help bring this made-in-the-USA knuckled comb to reality! 
  • Makes a great gift. Orders will ship in time for Christmas.
  • Shipping options to the US, Canada and the UK

Click here for our Kickstarter campaign! 

The body of the comb will be made from Delrin® acetal which is a common industrial thermoplastic used in gears, bearings and healthcare devices. It has superior impact resistance and a low coefficient of friction, great for combing the toughest of manes.

The current comb prototype body is made from a poured urethane into a hand made mold. This campaign is to help fund the cost of a professional, industry standard metal mold which will be placed in a production line and injected with Delrin® acetal. This will produce a high quality, finished comb body.

The leather insert will be punched out and branded with a professionally machined branding iron.


About Us:

We are a group of three friends that have a passion for design and idea creation. We got together initially to enter a 48 hour invention competition (Make48). Since then we have been developing ideas and working to bring those ideas to reality!

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