Know Thy Neighbor... The Hilariously Naughty Party Game
Know Thy Neighbor... The Hilariously Naughty Party Game

Game Contents 

  • 80 Male & female question cards    
  • Dry erase pens & dry erase boards
  • Poker chips
  • Neighbors: 6+ 
  • Ages: 18+


Getting to know your neighbors can be a long, painstaking process of fake small-talk chitchat, and boring dinner parties. Know Thy Neighbor skips past that bull and jumps straight to the down and dirty, asking questions about subjects on all our minds, but never discussed over coffee.

It’s about getting to know your neighbor on a whole new level, sometimes more than you’d like. It tests your integrity, and lets people in on our dirty little secrets! Most important, it’s about building relationships on authenticity, and removing the smoke and mirrors of today’s country club communities.

Game Setup:

Each neighbor is given a dry erase board and marker. With all neighbors gathered together, the Know Thy Neighbor playing cards are placed in the center of the neighborhood.

Collectively, the neighborhood votes on who will serve as their mayor, then he/she must provide a name for the newly formed neighborhood. Next, the mayor proposes the first law of the land, a punishment that is handed out to those who answer questions incorrectly throughout the game. The law is then voted into action by the neighborhood. If the law is turned down, a new law is proposed.

The oldest neighbor begins game play, progressing in a clockwise rotation around the neighborhood.

How to Play:

 A neighbor will choose a card from their respective deck -- male or female -- then read the question out-loud to the neighborhood. Using the whiteboards, the rest of the neighborhood writes down what they think the answer is.

Simultaneously, each neighbor lays their dry erase board in front of them -- answers facing up. At this point, the neighbors have a few seconds to look at the other neighbors’ answers. Then, all neighbors pick up their boards and can choose to change their answer based on what the other neighbors originally laid down (we call this the "Gossip Round"). Be careful -- some neighbors may be leading you down a rabbit hole.

Simultaneously, all neighbors lay down their final answers in front of them, facing up. The neighbor who chose the card, then reveals their answer and the neighbor(s) who's is closest to the right answer without going over wins that round and receives a good neighbor chip from the mayor. The neighbors that answer incorrectly must abide by the laws set up by the governing body at the beginning of the game. The card is then recycled to the bottom of the deck and play progresses to the next person.

How-to Win: 

The first neighbor to collect 7 chips wins. If there is a tie, the game progresses until one neighbor has one more chip than the neighbor(s) with the next highest chip total at the end of the next round. 



The Golden Rules:

 Be Honest --This is a game of honesty. If a neighbor declines to answer a question about themselves, or is caught (unanimously proven guilty) by the neighborhood of being dishonest, they must forfeit a chip. If they have no chips, they must sit out the next round.

Be Upright -- What happens in the neighborhood stays in the neighborhood! If a neighbor catches another neighbor revealing facts from the neighborhood to outsiders, the neighborhood has the right to ban said neighbor for life!

Be Lawful -- Every good neighborhood need structure. If a neighbor does not abide by the rules set out at the beginning of the game by the neighborhood, before the next neighbor draws a card, the penalty of said neighbor is doubled. If said neighbor is a repeat offender, their judgment lies in the hands of the mayor.

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