Kneck Travel Pillow
Kneck Travel Pillow

This project has already launched.


A Travel Pillow that doubles as laptop and tablet pillow. Kneck Travel pillow has some great features.

When we started this project our objective was to not only create a great travel pillow that will give excellent support for your head. We also wanted to make this travel pillow work as a stable support for larger electronic devises such as laptops and tablets.

Why not make good use of the Kneck Travel Pillow while not sleeping? 

We wanted to create the perfect companion for the contemporary traveler.

Super Comfortable Fabric

The pillow fabric has a combination of soft cotton fibers and flex-fibers for the perfect balance between of softness and support. The high content of  of cotton fibers (65%) makes it feel as like a bed pillow.

The combination of the micro bean bag and the adjustable strap gives a stable support for your head.
The combination of the micro bean bag and the adjustable strap gives a stable support for your head.





Shapable Micro Bean Bag 

The great thing with bean bags is that they can be formed into desired shape and still give a perfect support when you put some pressure on it. This feature not only gives your head a great support, but enables you to position your laptop or tablet in a wide range of positions. 

Stable support for laptops
Stable support for laptops

The adjustable strap fits most tablets and laptops on the market up to 13 inches (33 cm) wide.



Great Tablet and Laptop Pillow at Home

The Kneck Travel Pillow is not only a great companion on the road it's function as support for your laptop or tablet works just as good at home. 

Works as a knee pillow at home and while traveling.
Works as a knee pillow at home and while traveling.


Washable Cover

The outer layer of fabric can be removed to be washed by opening a zipper concealed by the pocket in the front of the pillow.'

The Team Behind Kneck Pillow

The R&D and design team behind Kneck has track record of bringing innovative and industry changing knee and travel pillows to market. Our first product in this category was the Laptray, a contemporary version of the traditional lap tray, followed by SurfPillow, a soft lap top cooler. We also have created several products specifically for the tablet segment, like the TabletPillow and our first TravelPillow.
With Kneck Travel Pillow we bring all our experience and knowledge to the game and create a traveling product for both tablets and laptops.

Risks and challenges

There are always challenges when it comes to production. We do all the sewing in house but we need to procure large amounts of fabric to get the material exactly the right properties. There are always a small risk that the color can deviate a bit from plans as the dying process is a bit tricky. Our first batch looks great, so we should be in good shape. Another risk are the logistics. However, we have been shipping products world wide to end customers for some years now and are confident that we can keep what we promise.

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