KLIQ: Magnetic Mount & Cable Organizer
KLIQ: Magnetic Mount & Cable Organizer

Kliq is a sleek ace of spade magnetic mount system for your smartphones and tablets(with or without a case). Kliq is a minimalist, micro-sized & meticulously crafted for anyone who wants to protect and mount their beloved smart phones and tablets. Kliq is a neat, cool & perfect substitute for suction cups that are victims of temperature and looses their grip over time.

Kliq ace of spade card is carefully crafted from ferrous stainless steel material. Meticulously hand buffed, stone washed to precision and to compliment your devices. The use of 3M tape makes it easy to attach Kliq AOS card to the back of your smart devices and the Kliq magnets to your favorite spots like your car, kitchen, fridge etc.

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+
  • iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air
  • Samsung tabs & Samsung galaxy..
  • Any 5 to 6" phone or tablet.


  • Campaign will end February and funds will arrive at the mid of March
  • Manufacturing will take place throughout March and until mid April.
  • Quality control will be conducted throughout the manufacturing period through inspections and prior to shipping.
  • Shipping will start at the earliest around the first week of May.


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