KlipAL ~ The Ultimate Smartphone Companion
KlipAL ~ The Ultimate Smartphone Companion

This project has already launched.

KlipAL is a universal and ultra-versatile smartphone holder designed with everyone in mind. Combining its elegant form and premium aluminium body, there are no better ways to complement its unparalleled functionality.

KlipAL has exceptional adjustability to adapt to everyone’s daily activities and enhance their user experience. It will be the only smartphone accessory that you will ever need, your forever smartphone companion.


Premium aluminium construction - Seamless body, brushed metal, anodised finish and unique colours for outstanding elegance and durability.


Designed with everyone in mind - Universal design to suit a wide variety of phones ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus and more, pleasantly compatible with the Samsung Edge series too.


Multi-function ring attachment - A ring that’s more than meets the eye. Its purpose may appear to provide additional handheld support, but be amazed at its application in docking, photography, in-car solution and even gaming.


Multi-position ¼” UNC adapter - For use with tripod and windscreen suction mount. Three ¼” UNC inserts strategically placed at various angles to cater for all imaginable orientations.


Slim compact profile - Perfectly weighted for that solid luxurious feel, yet small enough to carry everywhere. More importantly, no worries with the central camera either.


Adjustment in a breeze - Truly detachable for that limitless adjustability, allowing infinite tilt angles to optimise user comfort and posture.


Unparalleled compatibility - Don’t have a smooth flat surface for the adhesive sticker gadget? KlipAL® works flawlessly with your curved back phone and that fancy textured case.


Innovative slot system - Integrated future-proofing feature ensure that KlipAL® can serve as your forever companion. New adapters can be designed to complement any desired application.










Utilitarian Black

Minimalist Silver

Versatile Grey

Elegant Gold

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