Kitty Pot Catnip Toys
Kitty Pot Catnip Toys

This project has already launched.

B&B Creations, a social entrepreneurship, is looking to expand its Colorado Kitty Pot catnip brand to include catnip toys.  Our first three prototypes - Tabby's Taco, first in the Kitty Pot Munchies line, Carter Cat Fish, and Kickin' Back Kitty, will be made here in Colorado by American Dog and sold at the same retail locations that currently sell the catnip.  All toys are made with colorful and durable fleece and are filled with organic catnip grown in the USA.

What makes this company and project different from the rest of the catnip companies is what we do with the profits.  Future sales of these toys will yield funding for Harley's Hope Foundation, a national safety net charity that provides programs and services to help keep pets and their people together via major veterinary care, training, and emergency foster care.

When you invest in B&B Creations, you'll help us produce quality items for your pet to enjoy, and potentially help save the life of a pet in need.  Funds from this campaign will go to purchase equipment, custom dies, materials, and production costs.

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