KindyAlphabetNo is an educational app for pre-schoolers or toddlers to learn English alphabet from A to Z ,Number from 1-10,Days,month.

Your kids will enjoy playing with this app and will learn alphabets,numer,days and month.

There are four sub apps within this app.

Learn Alphabet:this help kids learn and recognize alphabets along with the pronounciation.

Learn number:this helps kids learn and recognized number from 1 -10 with the pronounciation.

Learn Days: This helps kids learn all days in week with voice and beautiful background .


Finally,lets your kids learn a bit.we have made it easy for your kids to familiarize themselves with the Alphabets,numbers,day and month.there are audio files for each letters ,numbers days and month so your kids can get familiarized with the sound.we have also included coloring images for each letter,number,days and month .


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