Kid's Slushy & Adult's Ice Cocktail Maker That Lasts Longer
Kid's Slushy & Adult's Ice Cocktail Maker That Lasts Longer


The SLUSHICE is a cool new product to make slushy drinks and slurry cocktails (a term we coined as "Shlucktails"). It is to be used by both kids and adults to enjoy any of their favourite drinks as a chilled icy, slurry or slushy. 

The slushice has been developed cleverly to include a frozen liquid wall which unlike other products, will keep your product chilled and slushed up for much longer even on a hot day! In addition, the gel pack and lid design makes it easier to scoop afterwards and hold more slushy.

Slushice comes in a variety of colours, with the Black edition specially designed for adults to enjoy on the beach, balcony or even by the pool on a nice day! Make amazing chilled cocktails out of soft drinks, alcoholic cocktails or even Beer (Yes that actually tasted great!)

It also comes in Blue and Magenta more appealing to kids to make slushies out of their favourite juices or soft drinks. Watch them have hours of fun squeezing and making slushies, even if it is just out of water to keep them hydrated through out the day. A cool two in one spoon and straw is included to scoop up all that icy goodness and drink up the chilled liquid as it melts! 

It is as simple as squeezing to make slushy drinks. Simply place the sluchice in your kitchen or bar fridge overnight or at least 8 hours prior to use. The anti-freeze gel pads are made of salts and sugars, making it safe and child friendly, it works by instantly freezing liquid it comes into contact with as you squeeze, churning liquid into semi-ice called Slushy.

Our gel pads are specially designed to stay lose and removable unlike other products to enable you to hold "more slushy" and to enjoy your favourite drinks by scooping with ease.

Slushice comes with an outer liquid compartment where water is filled to the mark on the side before freezing, when using, this actually an provides additional layer of coolant to ensure that the slushy does not melt quickly before you have had the chance to enjoy it and it helps the gel bags create slushy more effectively by keeping the temperature colder than zero degrees celsius.

Unlike other products in the market, our different design approach coupled with the lose gel bags makes this the perfect slushy maker for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Get creative in your bar with your shluctails and cocktails, fun for everyone!

How to Use:

- It is very simple to use, simply place the product filled with water to the shown mark in the outer container in the freezer.

- After 8 hrs or longer if possible, take it out, and pour in any one of your favourite drinks into the middle compartment. 

- Now unscrew the outer compartment to be able to access the soft inner cup, then start squeezing it fast until you have slushed up your drink to your heart's desire. The drink will start to slur up and convert to slushy with every squeeze.

- Place and fix the outer compartment with a wall of ice back underneath the silicon cup.

- Take out the gel ice bags (if you want to by unscrewing the top compartment and pulling it out) and then enjoy your drink with the spoon and straw included. Alternatively you can pour it into a martini glass to make an icy shluctail!




A perfect colour and design for adults to make slushy drinks whilst in the sun or even your favourite cocktails ("Shlucktails") into slurry slushy like drinks that brings a whole lot of fun to an extra chilled drink!




This is Newtonstein's latest design protected innovation. The team that brought you the very successful ROUNCER: 

The Goal: 

We have already invested £10,000 of our own funds in developing the product and testing the science behind our approach to make a shlucktail and slushy maker last longer to allow you to enjoy it better on a hot day!  

We require an additional £5000 towards the cost of the starting order with our factory in order to proceed to production. This is all that is left to get SLUSHICE produced.

We also hope to secure backers of our product who will become the very first to get their hands on it, and create videos, reviews and give other potential buyers a real insight on how cool SLUSHICE is! 

The kickstarter backers will pioneer the first reviews of this great slushy tool and help spread the word! 

The Slushice: 

Form, Function and High Quality We have designed the SHUSHICE with quality in mind, a uniquely designed product like nothing else available in the market, a real problem solver and one we believe that will make the world a better place! 

It will be constructed of the finest materials and created with precision quality. It is BPA FREE.

There will also be a money-back guarantee against defects or cancellation. Kids and kitchen products have become very popular with consumers looking for new, cool and useful products to buy. The Slushice will become a must have tool for every bar and fridge, a product for kids and adults, the ability to make longer lasting slushy and shlucktails has been very well accepted by initial reviewers. 

The Newtonstein Team 

Priyesh is the founder of Newtonstein, and is one of the two inventors for this small business. He has run commerce operations and designed bespoke ecommerce systems for marketplace selling. His success came from Retailing before embarking on 

Snehal is the vice president of Newtonstein, and a fellow inventor. The dreamer, “we lock him away in a little cupboard and out comes the crazy invention ideas,” he wholly focuses on the next big project. He is a qualified medical professional at the University of East Anglia. His life’s ambition is to develop medical products that will save patient’s lives. 

Mrs. S. Patel has a vast amount of experience in management of start up ventures with knowledge of product development, operations and distribution. 

Mark Perry is our amazing genius! A wizz designer and 3D modeller. A mechanical design engineer with over 15 year’s experience, he produces 2D and 3D solutions for all areas of design and drafting - everything from concept to photo realistic renderings and manufacturing drawings. He is a 6 Sigma, qualified to a Black-Belt level, and has experience in Lean Design including FMEA's, Quality Control Procedures and Lean Manufacturing. 

We work with numerous professionals in addition to our core team to help us manage various aspects of product invention and consumerism for example Video Graphy, Graphic designers, Press and Marketing, prototype engineers, Legal advisors, Accountants and many more. 

Look out for our other inventions coming soon like the world's first desalination water bottle (ability to drink sea water), a sleek blend and go device and many more amazing inventions (well we like to think so). 

Our other Work: 

We have been funded over $100,000 on kickstarter to date, with success on over 3 products already.




Other ways you can help: 

Please share the news about our SLUSHICE. Campaign on your social media pages, and with your friends and family, especislly those that have kids! 

Design Protected: 

 Our product design is patented worldwide. 

Your Orders: 

On checkout, depending on where you are located, shipping will be charged, our knowledge on ecommerce gives us the advantage of having numerous fulfilment partner relationships, we intend to store our products in Burglen, Switzerland, where Swiss Post will ship out all orders worldwide a costs of less than $6 per parcel. Our fulfilment partner can ship out 8000 orders a day without pre planning. 

You will not get charged any custom charges on delivery.

The Timeline: 

Risks and challenges

- The founders have professional backgrounds creating years of combined experience in ecommerce, design & development, international production & trade, shipping & logistics, financing & funding, trend analysis and public/private business operations.
- Tooling has been established (waiting on funding for payment), prototype quality testing done, and a strong manufacturer relationships are in place.
- The challenge is simply to be able to produce our SLUSHICE in bulk quantities, which will enable us to charge a competitive price. For that reason, funding from our friends at Kickstarter is essential to launch the SLUSHICE properly and keep its retail price low as the blades cost a lot of money to make due to material wastage.

We believe in SLUSHICE and are willing to see it through with heart and dedication to the long road of consumerism ahead. We will be able to get the products shipped out to you by March 2016 if the campaign is successfully funded!

There are things we can not do much about that may cause delays like: - Severe weather,
- Strike action,
- Terrorism,
But we would like to! Our product has gone through various stages of testing, use and critical analysis, we believe it is ready!

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