Kids Reading Armenian
Kids Reading Armenian

This project has already launched.

I'm creating Armenian board books (with transliterated text) for children and parents who want to learn and read Armenian.

While I make sure to speak Armenian with my 2-year old, I couldn't, and still can't find Armenian books that are appropriate for her age. There are options for older children, but kids start looking and flipping through books as soon as they start learning how to use their hands. 

So I saw the need to create board books in Armenian language and that's what this project is about. 

My Kickstarter campaign will support the first of hopefully many Armenian board books for children. The first book, The Happy Piggy, which is outlined in the Kickstarter, has been written, beautifully illustrated, and includes transliteration for those who can't read the Armenian language. It now only needs to be printed, which is what the funds from this Kickstarter will go towards.



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