Kids 2 Kings - 4 kids, 7 Kingdoms, 1 Legend
Kids 2 Kings - 4 kids, 7 Kingdoms, 1 Legend

Writer: Manuel Godoy

Artist: David Lenormand

Mission Statement: The media focuses on the lowest times of our people. Black Sands sole purpose is to remind you of the highest times.




The story takes place in the ancient middle east in a mythological setting. The main characters of the show are Ausar, Seth, Auset, and Nehbet. In the story, they are around 12 years old and hungry to become great legends like their parents.

What to expect: Demi-Gods, Ancient Aliens, Historically accurate cultures, Various myths, and a good time.

I'll let the first two pages fill you in on the story.




 Why Kickstarter?

Because making things this good looking takes time and money. Both of which, we currently lack.

While most comics stick to a strict schedule of 1 issue per month, we usually take 2 months to complete an issue. Why? Because we have animation quality prints similar to Pixar and Dreamworks.

My artist, David Lenormand has been working with me for over a year developing content for Black Sands and if its one thing about him, its that he is a perfectionist.

Eventually, we will have to delegate some art to very capable artist to free us up for even more great works but even still, David will be doing the penciling throughout production which guarantees the quality will stay the same.

We want to spread the word.

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Black Sands can be the next Dragon Ball. All the characters are unique and have their own motivations. The Ancients (aliens that rule) all have goals they wish to force on humanity. The ground work is laid out for epic confrontations, not only between gods, but between nations!


Now let's meet the crew!



Fighting Style – Martial Arts  

Magic – Power Augmentation  

Goals – Become a strong leader like his Grandfather.  

Faults – Over ambitious and prideful.  

Ausar is the eldest of the children and heir to the throne in Kemet. He has trained directly with Rah, the Pharaoh and his grandfather for years. Now he must deal with the reality that his parents and his master have two very different expectations of him. He always believes in his brother and sisters.  


Fighting Style – Intimidation  

Magic – Disease – Sand Manipulation  

Goals – To teach his kin the merits of divine rule.  

Faults – Undermines his friends and pessimistic.  

Seth was born with a rare skin condition and is generally weaker than the others. Over time, his powers emerged which made people around him sick. Before he could learn to control it, stories went around that he himself was sickness. This left him an outsider but his kin never lost hope in him. He believes Rah’s rule cannot be questioned even though the decisions may not be liked by others, even himself.  



Fighting Style – Ranged Casting

Magic – Elemental Magic and Healing 

Goals – To inspire the people in the world with hope. 

Faults – Can be naive and draws too much attention. 

Auset is one of the most powerful beings in the world. Her magical prowess is unmatched and sometimes the power can cause a lot of trouble. It is policy from her elders that she keep her abilities hidden from the mortals but she wants to save everyone. She believes Ausar will save the world with her guidance. 


Fighting Style – Deception 

Magic – Shapeshifting / Projecting 

Goals – Cause a little chaos without anyone ever knowing. 

Faults – May interfere with things she has no business dealing with.

 Nehbet loves to play tricks on people. She is a very kind hearted girl but she does love the thrill of confusion. At time, this can be harmless, but at others, it can lead to heavy strife. Being a trickster isn’t easy and Nehbet understands this. She is known for correcting her mistakes in secret without ever taking the credit for it. She is the most independent of the group. 


Fighting Style – None 

Magic – Teleportation and Omnipotence 

Goals – To oversee the growth of the divine family and record their deeds. 

Faults – Will never interfere with the world of the living. 

Tehuti watches over the young ones with a careful eye. Everything they do goes into the book. Tehuti knows of their plans to leave and make something of themselves but he does not tell their parents. Instead he keeps an eye on them and talks to them from time to time so they understand that their actions could very well shape the future of this world, for better or for worse. 


Fighting Style – Ranged 

Magic – Storms and Creation 

Goals – Unknown 

Faults – Tries too hard to not have his presence known. 

Marduk is the leader of the Anunnaki and masterminds many of the missions for the world’s artifacts. His minions and agents travel the world sowing corruption and chaos in order to acquire things in sacred locations. His fierce rivalry with Gilgamesh is postponed when he realizes a bunch of kids are spoiling his plans and he shifts his attention to them to dissuade them from going any farther. If they do not heed his warnings, war will surely follow.

All characters have long backstories and very complicated histories. Here is an example with Seth...




The journey includes the capital city Kerma of the Kushite Empire, the capital city Memphis of the Kemetic Empire, the world famous port of Akrotiri, Minoa, the Caverns of a Fallen Titan, and the terraformed peaks of the Greek highlands.



Episode 1 – Pride of the Prince ( 2 issues )  

 The crew travel to the Kushite Empire to prelude their King. Things get heated pretty quick as Ausar sees Bes, the prince of Kerma. They have a long running rivalry between them and once fought 5 years ago. Ausar challenges him to another fight which takes place in the courtyard far above the streets of Kerma. We see everyone’s abilities on display in this episode, are introduced to some cultural scenes in the Kushite Empire, and handle a small crisis when Auset has problems controlling her power. The city goes into a panic as a giant storm ensues but she is stopped before she can do too much damage. After the mayhem, the children are told to end it for now. Ausar would not have that though and insist they fight right now. Bes and Ausar trade blows in a brutal fight that leaves most of the palace walkways destroyed and a small section of the market destroyed by a falling star (Ausar.) Before Ausar can return he is met by his mother and his grandfather Rah. He tries to lie to Rah but Rah knows all and punishes him swiftly with a chop of incredible power. Rah sends them back to Memphis and the kids reflect on their actions while journeying down the Nile river on a royal boat.  

Guest Appearances: Apedemak, Bes, Amesemi, Nuit, Rah, Aso.

Some Scenes




Episode 2 – Leave it to Seth ( 2 issues ) 

The crew meet their father in Memphis, who is active ruler while Rah is away. A string of attacks in the Western Nile Delta commands his attention as the local military cannot handle it. He goes but warns his children to stay out of trouble, as they are grounded for causing so much mischief in Kerma. Ausar is furious with Tehuti for telling on them but Tehuti pays it no mind. A missive comes from Minoa requesting aid from Memphis with their best warriors to handle a ver dangerous situation going on in the cliffs area of their island. Ausar takes this as an opportunity to prove he is fit to rule and demand they go to Minoa. The problem is getting past Montu and Anhur, who watched over them while the King was away. Seth devises a plan to get away and hilarity ensues at the extremes he must take to deceive two gods. 

Guest Appearances: Geb, Montu, Anhur, Bastet, Anthos, Sobek

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