"Kid Fire" Documentary Short Film

*Note: before you read please watch the video teaser below!

Hello everybody!

I come to you for support. My name is Mehdi and I am a local graduate of Vancouver Film School and also a lover of boxing. Now, these two interests of mine have led me to a common meeting place, between the two arts, and where this campaign has its conception. By "conception" I mean, through my boxing trainer Tony "Kid Fire" Pep. I've always wanted to make a film about his story. Tony Pep was once a Canadian & World Champion and to me & those who know him, he is a gem of a character with experience and carisma to boot. Born in Vancouver, Pep is a local celebrity of sorts, he's fought Floyd Mayweather, Ricky Hatton and Ricardo Lopez not to mention the myriad of other warriors. I plan to revisit local scenes in which Tony has history (i.e. PNE: where he worked as a kid, East Hastings: where he grew up, Agrodome & Colleseum: where he had a few pivitol fights) & also to show dramatized flashback scenes where I would have an actor (whom looks like a young version of Pep re-inact past events (i.e. highschool fights, quarrels with family, trips to gym, etc). Now after having graduated from film school I feel confident enough to be able to produce & direct such a project. In today's extremely competitve field of filmmaking, anybody wanting to produce good matrial must hustle and so knowing this I am going to be relying on the majortiy of my funding from people like YOU, aka crowfunding via Kickstarter & or IndieGoGo. 

In order to better prove myself and my vision I collobrated with friends & classmates and was able to independantly produce the "teaser" which you see below and to show a little bit of what is possible with the short documentary film to come!

I ask you to support my endevour in making my boxing trainers story come to life by subscribing (entering your e-mail) to recieve a notification when my Kickstarter campaign is launched. No spam just one or two e-mail notifying you via e-mail when my Kickstarter campaign has been launched. I especially urge those in the Canadian Boxing community to lend their support and those also in the Canadian filmmaking field to lend a hand in this vision! 

Looking forward to a succesful campaign and film!

My past work:  https://vimeo.com/user9767038

Thank you for your consideration,

Mehdi Nowroozi



https://vimeo.com/100160635 password: kidfire







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