Kickstarter What’s The Recipe? There isn’t one!:  A Wacky Non-traditional Experimental Cooking Book
Kickstarter What’s The Recipe? There isn’t one!: A Wacky Non-traditional Experimental Cooking Book

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June 15, 2017

Hello! My name is Allison. I’m the Mama Alli in Mama Alli’s Kitchen. My new cooking book is making some serious buzz in social media and foodie spaces. It is a cooking book designed to help others have fun and delicious experiences in their own kitchens. It is the perfect medium to pass on fun techniques and flavors from me to you.

For the first (and last time ever), Better Than The Big O Caramel Topping, Alli’s Famous Finger Steaks, Italian Marinara Base Sauce and many, many more lists are together in one book. Just don’t think of this cooking book as a standard recipe cookbook because it isn’t. Think of it more like a technique and semi-recipe book combination allowing enriching and fun kitchen experimentation.

To quote just four of the Caramel Topping fans:

“The caramel flavor is bursting in my mouth; with the perfect texture”. – Said a fan at the local Harvest Festival

“It is to die for.” …”Didn’t I tell you it was to die for.” – said one fan to her twin sister after passing her a sample to try

“It is finger licking good” – said a neighbor as she used her finger to clean the last topping from the jar

“It is better than sex.” – says a family friend and mother of two

A Learning Adventure Books, the self publishing arm of Brewer Family Enterprises LLP, is pleased to finally bring this book to fruition for all the friends, family, acquaintances and friends yet-to-be that insist that I, Mama Alli get this book finished.

Check out the campaign page and email me at for more of the story before the campaign ends on 08/14/2017.

Thanks so much for your time! I look forward to your prompt reply to help this unique project go viral.


Allison Brewer

AKA: Mama Alli

Managing Partner

Brewer Family Enterprises LLP

DBA: Mama Alli’s Kitchen and A Learning Adventure Books

PO Box 44

Belfry, MT 59008




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