Kickstarter: VISION 2 VICTORY Mind Body and Soul Experience, the Hampton Roads Tour Spring 2018
Kickstarter: VISION 2 VICTORY Mind Body and Soul Experience, the Hampton Roads Tour Spring 2018

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Thank you for your time and review. I am sending this message to you about posting on your page about a health and wellness fitness seminar that need financing. We have chosen crowdfunding as our primary source of financing the event. The event description is below. If there be any questions or concerns, or for more info. please contact myself, Joe Harris at 757-921-0464. Feel free to forward this message to anyone.

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VISION 2 VICTORY MIND BODY AND SOUL EXPERIENCE; the Hampton Roads Tour is a powerful visionary health empowerment series on fitness
The sole purpose of the funds is for production of the event to be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, July 2017 in Hampton, VA. It will cover the speakers and HRCC venue space.
Vision to Victory mission is to empower the community teaching the importance of meditation, healthy eating, physical fitness, natural healing and self- improvement through a positive self-image.


Most people who want to be fit place a bullseye of physical health improvement. However, that is only 1/3 of the problem. Poor physical health is often times a result of two neglects, mental and spiritual health. Poor mental health arise in the form of stress from daily life, work, caring for family, simply the exercise of overcoming obstacles to daily tasks. When these tasks are not completed it can lead to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and in severe cases, depression. The checks and balances of these moods is monitor by a person spiritual exercise. Poor spiritual health neglects mental enrichment, and as a result, lead to various neglects such as malnutrition, improper physical fine tuning (physical fitness), and destructive physical behavior (diseases, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.) VISION 2 VICTORY Mind, Body, & Soul Experience address these situations and concern in detail, discussing solutions and practical daily routines to promote overall health for your particular lifestyle.

This event is hosted by R&B Singer and Affirmation Specialist, Euricka Alugas; This exciting event will highlight (2) 30 minute workout sessions that will include a Power Fitness Class and a Meditation Yoga class. Plus, the success stories of a select group of individuals (TBA) that have made a positive mental, physical and spiritual impact in the area.
The event also features a live performance of the inspirational song "Walk" by Dereck De Levite, an upbeat powerful song encouraging spiritual growth

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