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My name is Sangbe Jean Marc. I am currently studying at the university of north Texas in Denton.  Through years, I have realized that the chance given to me was not given to everybody. Originally from Ivory Coast, I dreamed all my life to go back to my country one day to make a difference. It all started with a simple idea. Most of my friends wanted to become entrepreneurs, but it seems that they could not achieve any of their goals. I guess it was due to the lack of motivation , exposure or money. As a result, I have decided to create KeleTv. I wanted to create a platform where I could showcase young African entrepreneurs from all over the word. I have heard so many time that Africa is a continent that is always in need. I have a different conception of things. Being entrepreneur is not something easy, but if I could for an instant  motivate my fellow brothers by showing them  the stories of other african entrepreneurs through interviews and articles, it will encourage an entire generation to stand up for what they want.  From the bottom of my heart, I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the future of my country;more, it is the future of my entire continent. 
Giving exposure to my project, will help more than one. 
#Kele everything start with a spark
Lets empower the African youth.
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