Keepskor: Instagram for games
Keepskor: Instagram for games

Build, Play and Share games with friends


Challenge your friends and connect with others around the globe in the largest social-media based trivia game ever. With content refreshing from Instagram and Twitter every second, Keepskor is sure to keep you entertained and test your social savvy for hours on end!

Build games about the people and topics you follow on Twitter and Instagram in seconds. 

Part mashup tool, part boasting game, part social network. Keepskor is a mobile application that helps you show off social savvy without creating a lot of social content.

See who's the biggest fan in TV, movies, music, models, sports and more!

We've got a beta client now sitting in the app store . It's our first proof that the concept works and we're looking to make it WAY better. While we've built all the moving parts to make it all work, we now need to turbo charge it with some smooth design polish and new game pieces. So we're looking to raise a bit of money to do that.

Why we need your help?

Changing the world of games by allowing ANYONE to tie together pieces of data from the internet to create a compelling game is a complex task. We tie all the social feeds you have access to and all the data coming from devices like fitbits, ibeacons, etc... all together to create a new type of gaming experience that allows you, as a consumer, to create any game you want without knowing how to program. We want to make it as easy to build a game as it is to take a picture on Instagram. So to do that, we've identified a number of people and resources to help us on this quest. To secure access to this amazing talent pool, however, we need money. And that's where you come in: by working with us not only as a funding source but also as our first set of participants/fans, you will help shape a product that could become the way games are built in the future: games built around the people you know and the things you do. 

So we can't wait to have you on-board!



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