Let’s Protect Our Kids!

The greatest joy for a parent is watching their child grow and blossom

No greater pain is there than having your child victimized and exploited

We as parents understand too well the dangers our children face each and every day

It is a constant worry every time your child is not with you

To put your trust in others to protect your child is hard

We cannot be there every minute of every day

This is why we have developed the Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game

By playing this game children are constantly learning how to protect themselves in different circumstances.This is a great way to get kids to interact and acquire the tools they need in the event they are faced with dangerous or compromising situations.

You might ask who are the Thumb Buddies and why is this game so essential

The Thumb Buddies are four animated characters created by a great and wise wizard known as Monty

It was from a dream he had that inspired him to create these little characters

He saw what was happening on Earth and it broke his heart

He felt our pain,the helplessness, the frustration, the danger we face every day

The Thumb Buddies are our little “Ambassadors of Good Will”

They are a vehicle in which children can learn to protect themselves

Children are innocent and precious and must be protected

We have read, seen and heard of horrific stories. Children been victimized, exploited by monsters

Not monsters in child hood stories but real life predators that feed off innocence like our children

We want to put a wrench in their plans, stop them in their tracks

In order to do this we need to arm our children with knowledge

This is where the Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game comes in

By playing, kids are learning about ways to deal with and handle situations like stranger danger, cyber safety, bullying, fire safety, water safety and more. All scenarios are designed to reflect real life situations.This is a thinking game that challenges each player or team to act in a timely manner. The game is designed to make kids think on their feet using the information they acquire while playing plus elevating their common sense to keep them safe.

The game contains an array of scenarios and responses. It is a game that possesses longevity. It is not the type of board game you play a dozen times and then put in a closet. A mobile App is also being developed to offer a digital option.

Statistics and the media say it all. Kids are being targeted in many ways. The concerns are real, frightening and on the increase!

Please view this video to see why this game is so important.

We need your help in order to produce and redesign this much needed tool.

Help us to protect children.




Reference points:


Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 games donated in the names of the children who left us.

200 games donated to charities.

People Behind the Game:

Paul & Lorna DeCouto, Co-creators of the Thumb Buddies and the Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game. Parents who have a mission; to impart positive values and messages, create products that help guide and protect children everywhere.

What we need to do?

 1) Re-design the game and add more invaluable important scenarios for kids to play and learn.

2) Manufacture games so we can get them into schools from state to state, region to region, country to country.

3) Get the word out that the Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game is coming your way, to schools, educational stores and more.


There are too many victimized children. One child is too many!




We will be Crowd Funding very soon and look forward to your valued participation and contribution.


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