Keatz The Lonely Bird - A 2D Action Platformer
Keatz The Lonely Bird - A 2D Action Platformer

This project has already launched.

The Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign is live now!

Keatz - The Lonely Bird is a 2D side-scrolling platform action indie game based on the story of a lonely bird who have been abandoned by the society after the Government of Heavens ordered to eliminate all the flightless birds at any cost. The reason behind launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is to raise fund required for finishing the game and with an aim of bringing this game project to life.

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Keatz -The Lonely Bird is a 2D side-scrolling platform action game which is based on the story of the lonely bird who have been abandoned by the society. The Government of Heavens, a country where all kinds of birds live, suddenly and unexpectedly came up with a decision of eliminating all the flightless birds from Heavens country by any means necessary because they were deemed to be useless for the country.

The purpose of this campaign is to bring this project back to life and introduce all the intended features into the game including more enemies, new levels, boss fights, secrets and much more.  For this, I need financial support to pay the bills, upgrade specs of my PC for better performance, buying some new equipment and keep working on the game for the rest six months before the deadline. The rest of the money will be used to improve the game. Any support is greatly appreciated and will help me finish the games with all the features mentioned above.

Keatz has been abandoned by the society because of his inability to fly like other birds can. Not only that, the Government of the bird country "Heavens" decided to eliminate all the flightless birds residing there. Keatz, himself, decided to start a journey against the corruptions and social evils and also against the dumb decisions made by the Heavens Government. He wanted to make a room for himself when everything was falling apart. One day, he came across another flightless bird who soon became his friend and a part of his life. His life changed for a few days until they were attacked again by Heavens's soldiers and the peace did not last long, unfortunately.  

"Will Keatz be able to protect all the flightless bird? Will he be able to protect his best friend who became the part of his life and with whom he promised of never leaving her side?"

It is a mystery which still remained unsolved...

I have developed this game to some extent on my own with my money. As I am currently running out of money while developing the project I am in urgent need of some financial support so that I can finish this game project and to keep up with the development like fixing bugs, adding extra features etc. I would like to show some of the progress I made in the last 8 months of development. It is expected to take another 6 months for adding the planned features to the game if the campaign goes well.

The Boss Level:

The above screenshot shows the very first boss battle in Keatz - The Lonely Bird game. More boss battle levels are planned for future which will be quite different from the boss fight shown above and there will be some special items which the player will receive for future use.

The Cave Level:

This is one of those levels where the player needs to hack through the security system. More new features are planned for this level to make it even better. In the image given above you can clearly see a computer which is just unlocked by the player.

The Concept of "Real World" and "Dream World"

The animated image shown above demonstrates "The Real World". Real world is where most of the incidents and battle takes place. But the dream world is a bit different from the concept of the real world.

 The animated image shown above demonstrates the Dream world level. Dream world is visually different from the real world. Those changes which occur in the Dream world will also reflect the Real world. Suppose, the player receives the weapons from the Dream world and when he wakes up in the real world he finds himself holding exactly the same weapon which he had collected in the dream world. Both the worlds are interconnected somehow. Moreover, the player will be given a fixed time limit within which the player must complete the mission only in Dream world.

Release Date of Keatz - The Lonely Bird Full Version:

To be Determined.


Steam : To be Announced.

Other Versions: To be determined.

Reward Delivery Schedule:

The rewards for the game will be delivered to the backers 3 to 4 months after the deadline of Indiegogo Campaign.


Age: All ages.

OS Supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10(both 32 and 64 bit).

Sytem Requirements:

Processor: Dual Core Processor with 1.7Ghz or higher CPU

Memory: 1 GB RAM(2GB Recommended)

Graphics: Any Graphics card with at least 512 MB of video memory.

Hard Disk Space: To be determined.

Compatible Sound Card, DirectX 9.0c or higher, Keyboard and Mouse.

Extras: XBOX 360 Controller Support.

The Team

I, Anamik Majumdar, am the solo developer(One-man team) working on this project for about 8 months. One day, I had a plan to make a game based on two different worlds which will be interlinked with each other somehow but will be a platformer. So, I worked on it keeping that in mind and this is how it looks at the moment.

However, I am currently running out of money and urgently in need of some financial support from the interested players to continue working on this project and get it out to the world as soon as possible.


1. Why do you need the funding?

  • First of all, I am running out of money right now and I have tried my best to come to this myself.
  • Sometimes, it becomes a daunting task to record the gameplay at a stable frame rate. That is why I need to upgrade the specs of my PC for better performance.
  • I need to buy some equipment which are also required in the development of this game.
  • Pay bills including Internet, Electricity and other payments so as to continue with the development of the game as almost six months of work is left which might not be possible otherwise.

2. When will I get access to the game?

As soon as the game is released on Steam, you will get access to my game on Steam if you choose any one of $3, $5, $10, $20 and $50 tier.

3. When will the game release on Steam?

The release date of Keatz The Lonely Bird game has not been decided yet but if it is fully funded, I will try my best to release this game by December, 2017.

4. I am interested in your creative work. Where can I follow you?

That's a good news! You can follow me on:

Twitter and Facebook also.

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